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JKR receives inaugural Hans Christian Andersen Literature Prize

Plagiarism suit against J.K. Rowling may head to trial

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Handwritten manuscripts by JKR to display in Scotland

JKR donates £10m to University of Edinburgh to set up MS research clinic

Lawsuit against 'Harry Potter' publisher filed

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JKR attends opening of 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter'

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'Harry Potter' plane brings Haiti relief; more flights to follow

Bloomsbury, J.K. Rowling facing copyright infringement lawsuit

JKR included in Scottish women who have changed the decade list

'Potter' series, JKR & Emma Watson top many lists

Comic book bio about JKR to be published in December

Awards just keep rolling in for Rowling

J.K. Rowling joins Twitter community

J.K. Rowling working on Encyclopedia?

Happy birthday to Jo Rowling & her creation Harry

Documentary 'J.K. Rowling: A Year in the Life' airs tonight in U.S.

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Dead author's estate sues 'Harry Potter' for infrigement

'JK Rowling: A Year in the Life' coming to ABC

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Rowling resigns as patron of MS Society Scotland

UPDATE: J.K. Rowling to attend special dinner with Mrs. Obama in London

'Potter' author, actors on new Forbes lists

JKR leaves her handprints in Edinburgh

Update: JKR receives Legion of Honor award from French president

Win a collector's edition of 'Beedle the Bard' from AbeBooks

'Beedle the Bard' raises £4.2m for charity

Update: 'Beedle the Bard' fastest selling book of 2008 in UK

Roundup of stories featuring J.K. Rowling & 'Beedle the Bard' coverage

'Beedle' preparations; 8 million copies to be released worldwide

First 'Beedle the Bard' sketch online; new covers released

Steven Vander Ark's new book approved by JKR's lawyers

J.K. Rowling reveals favorite scene from 'Deathly Hallows'

Scholastic announces 'Beedle the Bard' print run

J.K. Rowling talks spoilers in new interview

JKR updates site with 'Beedle the Bard' launch news

J.K. Rowling to host 'Beedle' release party

J.K. Rowling talks 'Hallows' ending in interview for 'Harry, A History'

JK Rowling tops Forbes' highest paid authors list

'Deathly Hallows' paperback cover art released

J.K. Rowling talks Death Veil in new interview

JK Rowling gives £1 million to British Labor Party

JKR selected to receive the Edinburgh Award

Rowling considered for 'Doctor Who' special?

Update: 'Lexicon' decision may be appealed

Update: Judge rules for Rowling in 'Lexicon' book case; all parties issue statements

Update: JKR's 'Beedle the Bard' to be published in December

Happy birthday to Jo Rowling & Harry

JKR discusses regret and MS in new documentary

JK Rowling updates site with new link

Over 70,000 fans view 'Potter' prequel on Waterstone's website

Recent 'Potter' news debunked

Rowling & Radcliffe on Forbes 'Celebrity 100' list

Prequel to 'Harry Potter' by JK Rowling now online

Update: 'Harry Potter' prequel sold for nearly $50,000

Rowling gives Commencement address at Harvard; watch via the web

J.K. Rowling hosts MS charity event

Jo Rowling updates official site with prequel charity news

JK Rowling third most influential woman in the UK

JKR pens 800-word 'Harry Potter' prequel for British charities

JKR receives 'Author of the Year' award

Rowling wins privacy court case appeal

Behind-the-scenes look at the life of J.K. Rowling

JKR's signature helps church raise £10,000

Update: Judge in Rowling case urges settlement again; JKR issues statement

Lexicon owner "talked into doing it by the publishing company"

Update: JKR arrives for court in NYC

JKR & other children's author's urge action to protect children in Darfur

JKR receives outstanding achievement award at Galaxy British Book Awards

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JKR discusses 'Deathly Hallows,' Dumbledore and more

'Harry Potter' series wins at Kids' Choice Awards

JKR discusses many things in new interview

J.K. Rowling included on Forbes 'Celebrity Billionaires' list

Happy birthday to Ron Weasley

J.K. Rowling nixes rumors of official MySpace, Bebo profiles

JKR receives James Joyce award, reads from 'DH' & answers questions

JKR to receive James Joyce award

Happy birthday to Arthur Weasley

JKR named 'Morgan Stanley Great Briton of 2007'

Update: JKR receives South Bank award; discusses 'Harry Potter'

JKR to receive honorary degree & give Harvard Commencement speech in June

Video of 'J.K. Rowling - A Year in the Life' documentary now online

Video from JK special 'J.K. Rowling...A Year in the Life'

Comedian Colbert edges out JKR for AP's 'Celebrity of the Year'

JKR # 3 on TIME's 'Person of the Year' list

J.K. Rowling nominated as a Great Briton

Update: 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' sells for $3.98 million

Description of ITV documentary on J.K. Rowling

JKR attends Sotheby's party for 'Beedle the Bard' auction

JKR updates site & answers questions

JKR named "Most Fascinating Person of 2007"

Rowling & Stephen Fry attend British Comedy Awards

Rowling discusses multiple sclerosis

J.K. Rowling receives Writer's Guild Award

'Harry Potter' included in 'Details' magazine 'Power & Influence' issue

Video preview of 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' book

JKR EW's 'Entertainer of the Year'

Sotheby's to display JK's book in New York & London before auction in December

Rowling only woman & author on Forbes 'U.K.'s Billionaires' list

JK tops another poll

J.K. Rowling updates rubbish bin on site

JKR tops role models for bizwomen poll

JKR updates site with lawsuit news

Vote for JKR as Time's 'Person of the Year'

JK updates site to explain stance on companion book lawsuit

Rowling writes books for charity to finish series

JKR included on "Living Geniuses" list

Update: JKR reveals she knew "very early on" about Dumbledore

Rowling receives "The Order of the Forest" award

J.K. Rowling in Toronto today for last city visit of "Open Book Tour"

Update: Dumbledore was gay, says 'Potter' author

J.K. in NYC for last leg of U.S. 'Open Book Tour'

JK visits New Orleans on second stop of 'Open Book Tour'

Update: J.K. Rowling discusses Christian imagery in the 'Potter' books

Update: JK in Los Angeles to start 'Open Book Tour'

Update: Rowling & Watson attend 'Pride of Britain Awards' in London

JK Rowling adopts greyhound

National Braille Press announce online auction for complete signed set of 'Harry Potter' books

Scholastic & Raincoast announce winners of JK's 'Open Book Tour' sweepstakes

JK Rowling to visit Toronto

Scholastic announce New Orleans & LA schools to participate in Rowling's open book tour

JKR listed on 'Most Influential' list

Scholastic announces NYC schools to participate in Rowling's open book tour

JKR & 'Potter' stars participate in Stephen Fry's birthday celebrations

Watson & Rowling included in '100 Women in Hollywood' list

Rankin on JK's new novel: "This is a joke that got out of hand"

JK's lawyers take on Chinese conmen

Is JKR working on a Scottish crime novel?

Rowling loses privacy court case - but was the outcome wrong?

Happy birthday to Jo Rowling & Harry

Transcript of JK Rowling web chat

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JK Rowling discusses mother, movies & books

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JK begins to answer some questions about 'Potter' 7

JKR discusses the past & the future

Update: Preview of Rowling interview with 'Today Show'

Live streaming of JK event from London

JK appears on 'Blue Peter,' receives award & answers questions

JK Rowling's final thanks acknowledged

Rowling on the grieving process for book 7

Watch 2 live web events with JKR to celebrate release of HP7

Video of JK Rowling on the 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' show

JK Rowling documentary to air later this year on UK TV

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Rowling both "euphoric and devastated" writing last chapter of 'Hallows'

A walk down 'Harry Potter' lane with a Scottish reporter

TIME magazine's special 'Harry Potter' coverage

Hotel suite where Rowling finished 'Potter' available for booking

JK helps 'OotP' game creators with plot, rules & gives her approval

Forbes 'Celebrity 100' list adds Rowling, Radcliffe & Watson

JK Rowling set to tour the U.S. in October

JK Rowling interviews in July

Third W.O.M.B.A.T. test now available on JK's site

JKR & Ralph Fiennes attend gala dinner in London

UK competition to meet JK Rowling

JK to sign copies of 'Deathly Hallows' in London on July 21

JK Rowling donates to search fund for missing girl

JK Rowling picks new Fan Site Award winner

JK updates FAQ book section

Teenage Rowling was 'extremely intelligent'

Update: 'Potter' theme park in talks

MS Society of Scotland auctions off JK signed poster

Time magazine discusses end of 'Potter' series

JK up for 'Women of Influence' award, Forbes envy list

Rowling blasts ban on costly MS treatment for Scots

JK sues eBay over pirate books

JK has finished writing 'Deathly Hallows'

JK one of entertainment's richest women

JK financed film wins award

Rowling on Forbes Top-Earning Authors list

JKR updates diary; mentions having another title

Old interview with JKR where she explains everything

JK & Disney partners?

Plaque indicates where Potter began

JKR included on '20 People Who Changed Childhood' list

Video of JKR discussing Hagrid

Potter series tops list of most challenged books

JK updates site

Digital repository in Scotland to include JK's online work

Rowling squashes book 7 status

Voldemort reigns supreme

Rickman & JKR attend 'Snow Cake' premiere in Edinburgh

Transcripts of JK Rowling's charity reading Q&A

Video of JKR's readings in NY online

Dumbledore 'definitely' dead, says Rowling

Rowling, King, Irving are 'forces of nature'

Rowling partially 'relieved' to be at the end

Fans prepared for JK's visit to NY

Happy Birthday to JKR & Harry

Asteroid named after JKR

JKR "thrilled" with honor from Aberdeen University

Rowling gives thanks on behalf of children

Rowling discusses last 'Potter' book, deaths

Video, pictures of 'Potter' stars at Queen's birthday party

JKR to receive honorary degree

Rowling on Forbes Celebrity 100 list

Some say Rowling is not the 'Greatest Living British Writer'

JKR voted 'Greatest Living British Writer'

JKR to be on the 'Richard & Judy' show on June 26

Queen's party web site opens; Dan not attending event

UK authors lend support to libraries

Reminder: Tickets on sale today for NY charity reading

Rowling updates site with news on charity reading & more

J.K. Rowling coming to New York for charity reading

'Potter' author helps celebrities' children to privacy

Rowling's interview with 'GirlGuiding Scotland'

JK & Dan on Sunday Times 'Rich List'

Rowling on TIME's most influential poll

Jo donates for MS research

Rowling set to be a role model

Dan & Emma to attend Queen's celebrations?

W.O.M.B.A.T. results delivered

Update on W.O.M.B.A.T. results

W.O.M.B.A.T. results to be available soon

Rowling: "Evanna is perfect"

'Do Not Disturb' sign back on Rowling's site

Unlock new secrets at JK Rowling's site

Egg-static price paid for egg painted by JKR

JKR to be on the 'Richard & Judy' show in June

Rowling's masquerade ball helps raise cash for MS

Could book 7 be published next year?

Lots of interesting changes on Rowling's site

Rowling to read at Queen's birthday

Vote for JKR as 'Greatest Living British Writer'

Rowling: Book 7 coming along

'HBP' up for WH Smith 'Book of the Year' award

Radcliffe buys 'Black Family Tree' at auction

Additional details of Rowling's Black Family Tree

New Black Family Tree scan

Rowling to attend Queen's birthday celebrations

Rowling's choices of books students should read

Black Family Tree to benefit Book Aid

Videos from Rowling's trip to Romania

Potter auction helps Romanian orphans

Rowling mentions Bucharest visit & book 7

UPDATE: Rowling talks to the 'Tatler'

Rowling 'TIME For Kids - Person of the Year'

'Living with Harry Potter' transcript & audio

Fry, Rowling BBC4 radio interview press release

Excerpts from Rowling & Fry radio interview

Dale's opinion on Harry

Radio interview with Rowling & Fry

Will J.K. Rowling be TIME's 'Person of the Year'?

'GoF' international, cast TV watch

Rowling 'loves' the 'GoF' movie; DVD & 'OotP' news

Rowling wins at Quills Awards for 'HBP'

Rowling on Fortune magazine's 'Envy List'

Potter sales top 300 million worldwide

Q&A with Rowling to celebrate Children's Book Week

Rowling updates site with eBay rebuke

Rowling warns fans about fake HP merchandise

Portrait of Rowling to hang in London gallery

British author complains about Rowling

Happy Birthday JK and Harry

JK Rowling most powerful woman in Britain

Complete JK Rowling interview with TLC, MuggleNet coverage

JK Rowling updates site

Part II of JK Rowling's interview with HP fan sites

MuggleNet and TLC's interview with JK Rowling, Part I

Rowling is dreading ending the 'Harry Potter' series

'HBP' cub reporters interview with JK Rowling

Time magazine interview with JK Rowling

Transcript of Rowling interview with Katie Couric

Video of Rowling reading from 'HBP'

Reminder: JK Rowling interview to air Sunday on NBC

JK signs the first copy of 'Half-Blood Prince'

Rowling tops Amazon's author list

JK Rowling's delectable decade

J.K. Rowling notebook auctioned on eBay

The marketing campaign that is 'Harry Potter'

Ralph Fiennes featured in 'Entertainment Weekly'

Couric interview with Rowling postponed till July

Rowling wins 'Writer of the Year' award

One lucky fan to interview Rowling for TV

Send your questions to J.K. Rowling

New poll questions on JK's site

Rowling updates site to address rumors

Rowling answers recent poll question

Jo Rowling to read from 'Half-Blood Prince' and other news

Rowling updates FAQ, rumors on site

Rowling's cousin wanted to prove he's 'Potter' inspiration

Rowling to help fund a new Scots language dictionary

U.S. Army being investigated by Rowling and Warner Bros.

'Lie Detector' to ask Rowling's cousin for 'Potter' proof positive

Rowling talks 'Potter' e-book scam

Baby daughter for JK Rowling

Updates from Rowling: 'HBP' fewer than 38 chapters

'Half-Blood Prince' finished; release date expected Tuesday

HPANA wins 'Fan Site Award' from JK Rowling

'No news is good news' according to 'Potter' author

Bring Dobby home for Christmas

JK Rowling accepts presidency of ‘One Parent Families’

Additional 'Harry Potter' contests for fans

'Time Turner Sweepstakes' just for adults

Update: Win a chance to interview JKR and Potter stars

Rowling's web site wins Macromedia MAX Award

Mini Harry Potter book sells at auction

Fans may get chance to interview JKR and Potter stars

JKR to receive the Variety UK Personality Award

Sotheby's shows pictures of Rowling's mini-book

Harry Potter drops on Forbes 'fictional characters list'

Additional 'Potter' deaths old news to fans

Kid's vote Harry Potter 'most imaginative'

Rowling updates site with answers to many questions

Calling Jo Rowling

JK Rowling talks trash in 'rubbish bin'

'Wolf Brother' to take on Harry Potter

JKRowling.com turns Japanese, gains site award

Idiotic 'Potter' professor not based on author's ex

More 'Prince' hints from JK Rowling

Rowling being considered for 'modern-day hero' statue

Excerpt from 'Half Blood Prince' revealed

Transcript from Rowling's appearance at Edinburgh Book Festival

Harry to survive to book 7; Rowling 'halfway' through Potter 6

Book Festival clamps down on Rowling tickets on eBay

Meet JK Rowling at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Rowling’s website a hit with fans

Harry Potter author's third child won't delay book 6

New poll on JKRowling.com

Rowling to appear at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Harry Potter author receives second honorary university degree

Rowling answers poll question about Mark Evans

Book 6 title confirmed by JK Rowling

'Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé' a hoax, says Rowling; author offers real title instead

Rowling sixth on Forbes Celebrity 100 list

Interview with JK Rowling: 'Azkaban' may be best ever

USA Today: J.K.Rowling on 'Azkaban' film

Millions log on to Rowling's new website

JK Rowling's official site redesigned

Rowling included in Time magazine's lists of 'most influential' people

JK Rowling meets the Queen of England

Loan from friend helped JK Rowling make magic

Rowling wins award for 'Order of the Phoenix'

Rowling is the decade's most successful author

Rowling to 'revise all seven' Potter books when finished

Do you have a question for JK Rowling?

Queen invites Rowling to the palace to celebrate Woman's Day

Book 6 'flowing like a mountain stream'

A history of JK Rowling

Five-part story: Meet JK Rowling

Rowling set to win adult book prize

Rowlings' wizard millions

JK's magical donation

Rowling #12 on EW's "Entertainer of the Year" list

JK Rowling's dad afraid he's lost 'Potter' daughter

Rowling loses out in BBC Big Read contest

Rowling campaigns against poverty

Rowling's literary agent says fanfic is flattering

Rowling to the rescue

Scottish Arts Council wants payback

'Goblet of Fire' roles help MS auction

Rowling launches the second World Book Day Online Festival

Rowling's Dad to cash in on Potter secret

JK Rowling's 'Simpsons' appearance simple

Rowling in the Simpsons

Rowling campaigns at parliament

JK still angry at lack of care for multiple sclerosis

Baroness Rowling

Grotter Potter parody banned

Harry vs. Frodo

Rowling named 'best paid author'

Harry Potter and the English lesson

British director slams Columbus

Rowling and Potter magic, a muse to Nokia chief

German homeless publication prints 'Phoenix' chapter

JK spots Harry's twin while in Spain

J.K. Rowling's Prince of Asturias acceptance speech

JK meets with children while in Spain

Rowling arrives in Spain to accept award

J.K. Rowling on Biography Channel

Betting odds against Potter in UK

'Phoenix' breaks record in Portugal

Buy a role in 'Goblet of Fire'

Great fun in translating Potter books into Afrikaans

JK power!

Top-earning fictional characters

Exclusive: 'Harry Potter Secret Locations' DVD

Rumored update on 'PoA' & book 6

JK Rowling hires SAS bodyguard

Harry Potter and the truckloads of heather

Rowling pledges to use recycled material

Madonna fails to outdo Rowling

Potter author wins award

Scans from 'Biography,' 'Sunday Times,' and 'Xposé'

'Simpsons' producer Al Jean talks JK Rowling

Man who signed JK Rowling had 'cunning' idea

Queen J.K. Rowling

Responses to Rowling Nobel campaign

JK Rowling in Biography Magazine

JK Rowling to be guest of honor at MS charity gala

Nobel Prize for JK Rowling

Police called on Potter theft case