JK Rowling updates site

  July 21, 2005 at 11:49 AM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via JKRowling.com)
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Harry Potter author JK Rowling has updated her web site with news about the publication weekend and her interview with Melissa and Emerson. She has also made her site accessible to the disabled, deaf and visually impaired internet users.

Newsopens in new window section update:

The priority for publication day was taking questions from readers, because the more popular the Harry Potter books have grown, the harder it has become to communicate directly with my readership in the way that I used to love. Bloomsbury therefore suggested a press conference comprised entirely of young readers who had won the chance to be there. I loved the idea: there is nothing quite as satisfying as sitting in a room with readers whose faces you can see, answering direct questions about your method of writing, characters and plots.

On meetingopens in new window Melissa and Emerson:

Well, I could pretend it was difficult, but I wouldn't be fooling anyone; the answer was right under my nose; in fact, if it had been any closer I would have snorted it up as surely as I snorted a well-known fizzy drink during the resultant interview. Yes, step forwards Melissa Anelli, founder of The Leaky Cauldron fansite, and Emerson Spartz, founder of Mugglenet. (Links to both can be found in the 'fansite' section of this website).

The 'Pure Garbage' section of the Rubbish Bin has also been updatedopens in new window. Her site has also become accessibleopens in new window to the disabled, deaf and visually impaired internet users.

JK said:

www.jk.rowling.com allows me the opportunity to be able to communicate directly with as many Harry Potter fans as possible. I am therefore delighted that disabled and visually impaired fans can now be a part of this.


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