Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The latest news, rumors and confirmed information about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (book 6) by J.K. Rowling. International book six release dates, facts, active discussions and more.

'HBP' a must read for 2007

'HBP' voted one of Scotland's favorite children's books

'HBP' paperback out today in North America

Audio version of 'HBP' inducted into APA's Hall of Fame

Japanese translation of 'HBP' available May 17

Potter wins at Kid's Choice Awards

Reminder: Vote for Potter at the Nick awards

'HBP' wins 'Book of the Year'

New interview with trio

Interview with Christian Coulson on 'CoS,' 'HBP'

Scholastic kicks-off 'HBP' sweepstakes

'HBP' up for WH Smith 'Book of the Year' award

Japanese & Spanish covers of 'HBP' online

'HBP' thief sentenced

Paperback 'Prince' to see Canada, U.S. release July 25, 2006

'HBP' best-selling book of 2005; review of audio version

'Potter' best book of 2005 in USA Today reader poll

Potter No. 9 on EW's '2005 Entertainers of the Year' list

'HBP' thief to be sentenced in January

Potter tops EW's 'Best of 2005' poll

'Half-Blood Prince' in UK paperback June 2006

GRAMMY nomination for Jim Dale

Release dates of Japanese & Bulgarian 'HBP'

Release dates for Brazilian & Spanish versions of 'HBP'

Rowling wins at Quills Awards for 'HBP'

Ukrainian 'Half-Blood Prince' cover

Record print run for 'HBP' in French

Cover of 'HBP' Swedish edition

11 million copies of 'HBP' sold in nine weeks

More translations of 'HBP' on the way

Win 'Half-Blood Prince' audiobook

Official Harry Potter audiobooks now on iTunes

Dutch cover of 'HBP' released

French cover of 'HBP' in high-resolution

New Harry Potter hardcover boxed set coming

German book cover for 'HBP' chosen

German publishers of 'HBP' want your vote

Raincoast cub reporter describes winning trip

New web site tries to answers some questions from 'HBP'

Official Spellbound! t-shirts available online

Complete JK Rowling interview with TLC, MuggleNet coverage

New 'Goblet of Fire' images from 'Entertainment Weekly'

JK Rowling updates site

Part II of JK Rowling's interview with HP fan sites

MuggleNet and TLC's interview with JK Rowling, Part I

Heyman on 'Goblet of Fire' and 'HBP'

Can 'Harry Potter' save reading in the U.S.?

'HBP' breaks British sales records

Scholastic to rush print 2.7 million additional copies of 'HBP'

Rowling is dreading ending the 'Harry Potter' series

'HBP' cub reporters interview with JK Rowling

Time magazine interview with JK Rowling

Transcript of Rowling interview with Katie Couric

'HBP' breaks sales records

Video of Rowling reading from 'HBP'

NYT reviews 'Half-Blood Prince'

Reminder: JK Rowling interview to air Sunday on NBC

All you need to know about 'Harry Potter'

Bloomsbury releases back cover art and summary

'Half-Blood Prince', whole-hearted discussion

NY Post wants 20 'Potter' reviews in 12 hours

Scholastic releases artwork for deluxe edition of 'HBP'

Boy in U.S. buys 'Harry' ahead of launch

Audio: Voice of 'Harry Potter' greets e-mailed customers

Additional reasons 'Harry Potter' is so good

Jim Dale reads from 'OotP' on the 'Today Show'

Is 'Harry Potter' over-exposed?

Will 'Potter' hurt 'Charlie' at the box office?

Author signed copy of 'HBP' arrives in New York

'HBP' has escaped in Canada

'Half-Blood Prince' B&N pre-orders top a million

Interview with Jim Dale

JK signs the first copy of 'Half-Blood Prince'

'Potter' crossword in the New York Times

Spellbound! releases detailed schedule of events

Jim Dale to read 'Harry Potter' on Today Show

First peek at backside of 'Half-Blood Prince' jacket

Call to boycott 'HBP' by environmental groups

Extended image of the British children's cover for 'HBP'

'Harry Potter' illustrator to sign 'HBP' in New York on July 15

How much of a 'Harry Potter' fan are you?

Spellbound! wants you to come, stay, help out

Boxed set of all 'Potter' books due this fall

'HBP' to arrive at U.S. Barnes & Noble warehouses today

Are readers still wild about Harry?

Jim Dale talks about 'Half-Blood Prince' audio process

Spellbound's magical hotel rates disappearing June 30

Potterites 'band' together for fallen fan, create scholarship

Scholastic's Levine and Marcus discuss 'Half-Blood Prince'

Full cover of UK children's version of 'HBP' released

One lucky fan to interview Rowling for TV

Get 'Spellbound!' by midnight release of book 6 in Chicago

UK papers report on role in 'HBP' theft

Stolen copies of 'Half-Blood Prince' recovered

Super 'Harry Potter' release party on horizon

Sneak peek of Raincoast's 'HBP' contest

Rowling updates site to address rumors

Jim Dale to host Barnes & Noble 'Potter' party on July 15

'Half-Blood Prince' death leaked?

Security high for 'Half-Blood Prince' printing

PotterParties.com to list worldwide 'HBP' release events

Scholastic launches essay contest for U.S. fans

Jo Rowling to read from 'Half-Blood Prince' and other news

Deluxe edition 'Half-Blood Prince' artwork

'Half-Blood Prince' knocked from No. 1 spot

‘Half-Blood Prince’ audio book news for U.S. and Canada

Pre-orders for 'Half-Blood Prince' reach 700,000

'Half-Blood Prince' audio book news

Only 100 days to 'Potter' six release

Rowling updates FAQ, rumors on site

Scholastic's 'Half-Blood Prince' countdown now available

Amazon guarantees 'Half-Blood Prince' will arrive July 16th

Days dwindle to Harry Potter 6

Scholastic to print 10.8 million copies of 'Half-Blood Prince'

Largest book 6 covers online

'Half-Blood Prince' book jackets revealed

'Harry Potter' and the ancient forest friendly paper

Scholastic poster advertises 'Half-Blood Prince'

Amazon UK blames Voldemort for erroneous book 6 e-mail

100,000 pre-orders for 'Half-Blood Prince' in UK

Deluxe 'Half-Blood Prince' to include 32-page art insert

Book 6 release date just 15 days before HP Fan Trips

Rowling talks 'Potter' e-book scam

Scholastic confirms length of 'Half-Blood Prince'

Possible length of 'Half-Blood Prince'

Past epics may paint 'Potter' picture

Fan scam alert: Harry Potter e-books

Updates from Rowling: 'HBP' fewer than 38 chapters

'Half-Blood Prince' already number one on bestseller lists

Pre-ordering 'Half-Blood Prince' online

Harry Potter 6 release date: July 16, 2005

'Half-Blood Prince' finished; release date expected Tuesday

Is 'Half-Blood Prince' on the way?

'Half-Blood Prince' rumored publication date false

'No news is good news' according to 'Potter' author

Publishing date for next 'Harry Potter' book?

Halloween surprise as door opens at JKRowling.com

Additional 'Potter' deaths old news to fans

Rumors abound for release date of 'Half-Blood Prince'

Rumor rules out Hagrid as half-blood prince

More 'Prince' hints from JK Rowling

Excerpt from 'Half Blood Prince' revealed

Harry to survive to book 7; Rowling 'halfway' through Potter 6

Weasley dad won't be Minister; Tom Riddle not 'Prince'

Harry Potter author's third child won't delay book 6

'Half Blood Prince' info site debuts

Rush for 'Potter' book 6 domain names

E-mail notification for 'Half Blood Prince' release date

Exclusive: Harry Potter book 6 title hoaxer speaks

Book 6 title confirmed by JK Rowling

'Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé' a hoax, says Rowling; author offers real title instead

Harry Potter book 6 title revealed?

Wait for Potter's sixth adventure "not too long" says author

USA Today: J.K.Rowling on 'Azkaban' film

JK Rowling's official site redesigned

No autumn equinox for 'Potter' book six

Rowling to 'revise all seven' Potter books when finished

Book 6 'flowing like a mountain stream'

Rowling named 'best paid author'

Rumored update on 'PoA' & book 6

Rowling pledges to use recycled material

Math in Potter?