Rowling updates site to address rumors

  May 26, 2005 at 9:51 AM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via
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JK Rowling has updated the news sectionopens in new window on her site with a brief comment on the recent Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" death rumors spreading on the internet.

As Publication Draws Nearer...

Well, here we go again! The gossip, the non-stories, the ever-wilder speculation...

Please remember that allegations of 'leaks' concerning deaths in Half-Blood Prince are very easy to make. Any comment I make on such rumours would be a spoiler, so I'll just repeat: keep those barrels of salt handy.

Speaking of which...

I have been alerted to the fact that I am supposed to have posted in the 'comments' section of a couple of different fan sites recently. I never post on fan sites and it is important that you all know this, because the last thing I would want is for any of you to be misled or otherwise manipulated by somebody posing as me online. is the only place I ever post. Lest you think I'm protesting too much, please ask yourself whether I would really want to reveal my email address on a fan site. Love you all though I do, I don't really want to wake up tomorrow and have to download 21,956,038 new emails, all demanding the identity of the Half-Blood Prince.


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