Rush for 'Potter' book 6 domain names

  July 2, 2004 at 12:53 PM ET
  Cheeser     CBBC Newsround
  harry potter book 6, harry potter domain names, halfbloodprince, half blood prince

The title of JK Rowling's sixth Harry Potter novel was announced only days ago, but most of the available online domain names relating to it have already been registeredopens in new window.

Here are just a few:, .net and .org (Warner Bros.), .us, (Seabottom Productions Ltd.), .net, (Lightmaker Group) (Warner Bros.)

Truth be told, HPANA snapped up halfbloodprince.infoopens in new window and we're planning an unofficial mini-site there with plenty of information on the upcoming book! If you're an older fan with some time on your hands and would like to help administer it, please contact us.

Warner Bros., of course, makes the movie versions of Harry Potter. Seabottom Productions Ltd. is related to Warner Bros. in the UK, and Lightmaker Group works on Rowling's official site.


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