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'The Making of Harry Potter' studio tour at Leavesden to open spring 2012

HPA meeting with Evanna Lynch and more available for download

Live HPANA announcement coming Jan. 2

Steven Vander Ark's new book approved by JKR's lawyers

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Update: 'Lexicon' decision may be appealed

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'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' to open at Universal Orlando in 2010

Visiting the set of 'Harry Potter' (part 1)

Book 7 to be spoiled by leaks?

UPDATE: Triwizard Tournament ends July 31

Canadian Wyrd Sisters ordered to pay WB $140,000

Newly discovered dinosaur species named after Hogwarts

Disney/Potter deal could be real magic

Harry Potter tops Bush on blogs in 2005

Wanted: New Yorkers for NY Post article

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Genius 'Harry Potter' fan dead at 14

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Potter among top Yahoo!, Google searches of 2003

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'Harry Potter' good for New Age business

Teen 'Potter' expert competes on 'Mastermind'

'The Gathering' celebrates 10 years of magic