Harry Potter security warning
Harry Potter security warning

Book 7 to be spoiled by leaks?

  July 26, 2006 at 4:03 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA
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Abebooks.com, a large online seller of rare books, reportsopens in new window that they surveyed 608 Harry Potter fans and found 20% expect to learn of the ending to book 7 from leaks in advance of its publication:

"Last year, Harry Potter fans were dismayed there were so many opportunities to spoil the Half-Blood Prince's plot," said Lisa Stevens, VP of marketing at Abebooks.com. "The interest in the final book is already intense and fans don't want to hear the storyline mentioned in conversation or see it printed in newspapers or in blogs, but a significant number are already concerned about leaks."

Editor's Note: No doubt we'll all have to practice constant vigilence to shield ourselves from leaks this last time around. Anybody who thinks there simply won't be any leaks has been woodwinked by the Confundus Charm, unfortunately. Even with the tightest security in publishing history, details will undoubtedly find their way to light before official publication.

HPANA is already making detailed plans to shield visitors from spoilers, based on our experience last year.


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