Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Harry Potter tops Bush on blogs in 2005

  December 27, 2005 at 9:17 AM ET
  Cheeser     Yahoo! News (via WebProNews)
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Trend-tracking site BlogPulse has announced its list of the top blogs and various categoriesopens in new window in the "blogosphere" of 2005.

Harry Potter was #1 on their list of most-mentioned "people" and, along with Donnie Darko at #17, was the only other winner in the top 20 who wasn't a real person. Rounding out the top five were President Bush, Pope John Paul II, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

The act of blogging explodedopens in new window this year as services made it easier for anyone to write just about anything and post it online with a click. Technorati estimated in August that new blogs were being created at a rate of 80,000 per day (or one per second).


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