Update: 'Lexicon' decision may be appealed

  September 16, 2008 at 12:18 PM ET
  Cheeser     Yahoo! News (via Detroit Free Press)
  rdr books, harry potter lexicon, steve vander ark, harry potter lawsuit

Roger Rapoport of Michigan-based RDR Books said he expects attorneys will file an appealopens in new window to preserve their right to continue battling a lawsuit from JK Rowling and Warner Bros. preventing them from publishing an unofficial Harry Potter encyclopedia, according to the Detroit Free Press:

In a 60-page opinion, [U.S. district judge Robert] Patterson said the work quotes too directly from the Potter books and dwells too much on a pair of books written by Rowling to explain aspects of the wizarding world she created.

Rapoport and Vander Ark are considering whether they could edit the book to pass the judge's muster.

Naturally, we'll keep everyone posted as more details emerge.

UPDATE: Thanks to Harry Potter Prognosticators for letting us know they've posted an exclusive interview with Steve Vander Arkopens in new window on their podcast.


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