Is 'Harry Potter' over-exposed?

  July 11, 2005 at 9:27 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via CNN)
  harry potter

With all the publicity currently in place for the release of Half-Blood Prince, some branding experts voice their opinions on whether the series will disappear into the wild blue yonder once the last book is published.

Martin Lindstrom, an independent global branding consultant and author of Brand Child comments on a survey of 20,000 kids about the books:

When we asked kids whether they thought Harry Potter was a fading phenomenon, 69 percent said they did. I think that percentage today is probably closer to 80 percent.

The fact is that the main concept of Harry Potter is this idea of undiscovered secrecy.

Meanwhile, Robert Passikoff, another branding consultant says:

The Potter series has longevity. Whether or not there is life for the brand after the seventh book is not even an issue. In the same way that people go to buy Mary Poppins books, 30 years from now you will find Harry Potter on bookshelves.

This brand resonates with consumers of all ages. It's a brand that is well-differentiated and unique. J.K. Rowlings has been very stringent with how the brand is developed. I think it's a very well-managed brand.

Of course we all know that the Harry Potter series will bring enjoyment to many generations to come.


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