Transcript of Rowling interview with Katie Couric

  July 18, 2005 at 12:42 AM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via MSNBC)
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MSNBC has a transcriptopens in new window posted of Katie Couric’s interview with JK Rowling that aired on Sunday evening on NBC. The interview covered the books, her family, how her life has changed and what she intends to do after Harry Potter.

Some of the questions asked and answered:

    Couric: You’ve said the opening chapter of this book has been brewing in your mind for 13 years?

    Rowling: It has, yeah. You find out a lot more back story, really a lot. Harry finds out a lot more about the past which hopefully will be useful to him in the future. You see, I’m even measuring what I’m saying because I can see it written on fan sites, with them analyzing what I’ve just said, and thinking “What does this mean?” But you know, you could go a little bit mad.

    Rowling: They think Dumbeldore’s a goner. Well, I will say that I have actually never said that a major character is going to die.

    Couric: So it’s not true?

    Rowling: I’m not saying that.

Ms. Rowling also stated that she’s already begun writing book seven — the one in which she will bring the Harry Potter saga an end.

There will be additional video of their interview airing on the Today Show, which airs at 7 am (EST) on Monday morning.


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