Stolen copies of 'Half-Blood Prince' recovered

  June 3, 2005 at 1:25 PM ET
  Geri     CBBC Newsround (via The Scotsman)
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It would seem that the need to have Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was too much for two men who were recently arrestedopens in new window after shots were fired while trying to broker a deal involving a reporter from The Sun, a tabloid newspaper in the UK.

According to a police spokesman:

Northamptonshire Police were called with information that a person was attempting to sell a copy of the new Harry Potter novel and that the person was in possession of firearms.

Police began an investigation into the allegations but in the meantime fresh allegations were made this morning that a firearm had been discharged in the property in Kettering.

As a result of this a firearms operation was launched at a residential address in Tresham Street in Kettering town centre earlier today which resulted in two men being arrested on suspicion of theft and firearms offences.

A spokesman for The Sun commented:

The newspaper was approached by someone claiming to have a copy of the new Harry Potter book.

A reporter and photographer from The Sun met with two men with the intention of obtaining the book so it could be returned to the publisher and the police could be informed.

Back in 2003 The Sun reviewed a found copy of The Order of the Phoenix and were later namedopens in new window in a lawsuit by Bloomsbury for failing to return the copies.

UPDATE: J.K. Rowling has obtained a court orderopens in new window against the two men who we reported earlier of trying to sell the lastest copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to British newspapers. The court order will prevent the men from selling any details of the book.


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