Calling Jo Rowling

  September 16, 2004 at 11:41 PM ET
  Cheeser     MuggleNet
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MuggleNet and the HP Lexicon, both Fan Site Award winnersopens in new window on JK Rowling's official web site, have posted an open letteropens in new window to the Harry Potter author in the hopes that she'll visit again and answer some nagging questions about her books and characters.

First, let us say that we don't want to know any big secrets from upcoming books. What fun would that be? We want to be surprised when we read them. However, there are some more mundane things that we'd love to know. As obsessive as we are, we would love to have some nagging things answered, partly to add missing details into the Lexicon and MuggleNet's pages, but also just because it's fun to learn these kinds of things.

Some of the questions: How many students are there at Hogwarts? How old are Molly and Arthur Weasley? Are there other Gryffindors in Harry's year besides the ones we've met in the books? Be sure to check out the letter for the full list of questions.

Meanwhile, Rowling is a candidate for 2005's Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awardopens in new window, one of the most prestigous accolades in children's literature. Thanks to Veritaserumopens in new window for the tip.


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