JK Rowling's dad afraid he's lost 'Potter' daughter

  December 15, 2003 at 11:30 PM ET
  Cheeser     Wizard News (via The Mirror)

Peter Rowling fears the sale of personally autographed "Harry Potter" books from his daughter has cost him their relationship, even while coming well short of the £100,000 he hoped for in the Dec. 10, 2003 Sotheby's auction.

According to British tabloid The Mirror, Rowling said in an exclusive interviewopens in new window:

"I fear I have lost my daughter. I can only hope Joanne will one day come to understand why I did it."

"I told her I had a problem and needed to raise some cash. I told her, 'I'm sorry love, but if there was another way I would do it'."

"It was a short conversation. I was very nervous about talking to her because in her position I would be very angry. Her reaction was natural. She was livid."

First reported in November, JK called her father after hearing of the auction to plead with him not to part with the books. One of them bears a note that reveals the source of the fictitious name Ron Weasley. Joanne reportedly told him: "Look, these books are personal... you can't sell them."


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