British director slams Columbus

  October 29, 2003 at 12:21 PM ET
  Geri     Wizard News (via Contact Music)

British director Sir Alan Parker opens in new windowhas slammedopens in new window American director Chris Columbusopens in new window for making the first Harry Potter film terrible.

Parker claims that Columbus' Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is too "Americanised", and maintains both he and fellow Brit Terry Gilliamopens in new window would have made a better effort of author J.K. Rowling's magical franchise.

He continues:

"It was terrible. Absolutely awful. I would have made it so much better than Chris Columbus. I like to have creative control and do things my way. It was Americanised. The finance was coming from Burger King. They wanted it a certain way. Terry Gilliam would have made a better film than me."


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