Loan from friend helped JK Rowling make magic

  March 22, 2004 at 11:22 AM ET
  Cheeser     The Scotsman (via BBC Radio 4)

Author JK Rowling revealed in a BBC radio interviewopens in new window Saturday that a friend loaned her £4,000 to pay for her daughter's childcare while she studied to become a teacher:

The episode occurred when Rowling, now 37, was living on benefits in a rundown flat in Edinburgh after leaving her first husband. She had won a place to become a student teacher but could not afford childcare for her daughter, Jessica.

With just £70-a-week income, Rowling believed she could never afford to pay back the money, but the gift was to change her life, allowing her to graduate and teach part-time as she wrote the first Harry Potter novel.

Rowling has since become the first billionaire writer and repaid her benefactor with a £200,000 flat in Edinburgh.


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