JK's updated diary
JK's updated diary

Rowling: "Evanna is perfect"

  April 5, 2006 at 7:32 AM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via JKRowling.com)
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Harry Potter author JK Rowling has updated her diaryopens in new window today with news about how difficult it is to find paper in Edinburgh, visiting the Order of the Phoenix set and talking to the actors.

Below is an excerpt of the entry:

It was exciting to see some of the new Order of the Phoenix sets, but most of all to see the actors again - slightly unnerving to realise that nearly all of them are taller than me now (I speak, of course, of the teenagers; Michael Gambon was always taller than me, and very lovely he looked in his new robes, too.) Apart from the pleasure of seeing Tom Felton, Devon Murray, Alfred Enoch, Sitara Shah (and waving through the door at Bonnie Wright, who was busy being tutored), I had a great time talking to Dan and Matthew about books, Rupert about how his sisters never wind him up, Oliver and James about how difficult they find it to wind each other up, and Emma about Hermione's love life. Also met, and had a long chat, with Evanna Lynch (Luna), about whom there is only one possible thing to say: perfect.

The Rumoursopens in new window section has also been updated as well as the Extrasopens in new window section with a piece about the proliferation of skinny young woman in the media. Thanks to everyone who emailed us.


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