Rowling updates site with eBay rebuke

  September 12, 2005 at 12:57 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via
  jk rowling

We previously reportedopens in new window that Harry Potter author JK Rowling had warned fans about the fraudulent number of autographed & unauthorized items that have appeared for sale on eBay. She has now updated her web site with news about the response from eBay and their cavalier attitude of blaming the buyer, not the criminal.

Updateopens in new window on eBay fake HP merchandise:

Ebay has responded to this news item in the press. On the one hand, they have said that they rely on consumers to police their site. On the other, a spokesman called Hani Durzi says that 'it is the responsibility of the copyright owner to report any listings that violate their rights.'

Ebay might be interested to learn that most Harry Potter fans are children, whose ability to verify the authenticity of signatures is not to be entirely trusted. Meanwhile Hani Durzi seems unaware that I have advised Ebay repeatedly, through my legal representative, that many signatures for sale on their site appear to be fake, but have yet to see any reduction in the number of forgeries on offer. The same is true in respect to other pirate Harry Potter merchandise offered for sale by Ebay users, such as e-Books where we have pointed out to Ebay that 100% of the items being offered for sale are fake.

What I am calling for is prevention rather than cure (which has had limited effect here in any event). After all, reputable booksellers and auction houses take steps to ensure that signatures are genuine BEFORE they put them up for sale. The current situation has Ebay profiting from the Ebay users relentless scamming of Harry Potter fans while, in effect, telling them that they have no-one but themselves – or me – to blame.

Thanks to all who let us know.


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