Rowling and Potter magic, a muse to Nokia chief

  October 28, 2003 at 11:32 AM ET
  eudaemonia     BBC

Dr. Yrjo Neuvo, the Chief Technical Officer of Nokia -- one the world's largest phone manufacturers, looks to the magic of JK Rowling's books for inspiration on future mobile phones and other communication devicesopens in new window:

"I have read all the Harry Potter books, including the last one," he told BBC News Online. "And when you read them with my kind of mindset, technology orientated, I always ask myself how we can implement that."

JK "is very good when it comes to predicting the future", according to Dr. Neuvo, and "many of the things she is painting in her books can be implemented in phones in five to 10 years. It's really exciting," he says.

The ghostly moving people in framed pictures which deck Hogwarts' staircases, and the mysterious pensieve which shows 3D images of memories are just some of the ideas he sees as a reality. Nokia have already developed a picture frame, available later this year, which lets people to beam images onto it directly from their phones.

Of course, there are no plans to make Nokia handsets which double as Nimbus 2000 quidditch brooms, sadly.

[However] Nokia is playing around with the idea of small devices, experimenting with jewellery. At the moment, the jewellery is in the form of pendants which can store beamed images from phones.


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