Exclusive: 'Harry Potter Secret Locations' DVD

  October 12, 2003 at 10:09 PM ET
  Geri     TheSnitch.co.uk

Dave from The Snitchopens in new window has let us know that a reader who is a television expect from Renaissance Television has contacted them about their soon to be released DVD Harry Potter Secret Locations, which goes on sale from Amazonopens in new window in the UK on November 10th.

Here is what he had to say:

Harry Potter Secret Locations is a factual documentary made by a couple of Harry Potter fans who work in TV.

It all started off as a four minute 'feature' in a pilot television program which developed into it's very own forty minute program. Because it's a pilot show it will not be broadcast, but so many people have asked to see the show it's been released as a limited edition disc!

It briefly goes into the history of JK Rowling, where she was born, where she wrote the books and some of the major locations featured in the films. It even shows a couple of the locations from the new film! It's packed full of fun, trivia and facts.


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