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ABC Family to preview 'HBP' during 'Potter' weekend

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Update: New 'Prisoner of Azkaban' posters for sale

HBO to offer a first look at 'Prisoner'

ABC to air 10-minute sneek peak of 'Azkaban'

Columbus is impressed by Cuarón

Leaky Cauldron 'Azkaban' set report continues

New 'Prisoner' calendars available in April

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New HP3 trailer, web site online!

Next 'PoA' trailer goes wireless, online soon

Access Hollywood looks at 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

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SPOILERS: Transcript of upcoming 'PoA' trailer

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Potter 3 trailer in theaters March 26 with 'Scooby-Doo' sequel

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Potter 3 more 'intimate, heavy drama' says Rankin

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'Ultimate' HP fan appreciation contest announced

Trelawney 'much fun' to play says Thompson

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'Azkaban' running time set for 135 minutes?

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Hot Topic says 'Sirius' shirts back in February, asks for fan input

Cuarón wild about 'Harry'

Teen angst at Hogwarts

Cuarón on HP3: 'Give me a sex scene!'

Super Harry Bowl?

'Harry Potter' cast report on The N channel

Wanted: Sirius Black on a t-shirt

'Prisoner' helps boost UK film production spending

SET Magazine on 'Prisoner' set

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Rumored November release for 'Prisoner' DVD

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Lego loss on Potter, Star Wars in 2003; New 'PoA' pieces ready for pre-order

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It's officially huge: Third 'Potter' installment coming to IMAX

Huge scans of Harry, Hermione, Ron pics

New and improved 'Access Hollywood' video clips

Tom Felton would continue Malfoy role "without hesitation"

'Prisoner' teaser attached to 'Return of the Kings'

Weasley mum Walters talks to Latino Review

All three of 'Potter' trio will return for 'Goblet'

'Potter' stars are 'full-fledged teenagers'

Professor Paul

James Potter appears in 'Azkaban'

PSA: Posters for 'Prisoner' not yet released

'Potter' composer John Williams views first cut of 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

'Prisoner of Azkaban' wraps principal filming

Higher-quality 'PoA' promo pics

Questions needed for 'Azkaban' cast

Official 'Wanted' poster hits the market

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Stan Shunpike speaks out

'Azkaban' website open for prisoners

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First look at tawdry-haired Trelawney

E! News on Harry Potter set to air tonight

Part 2 of 'Azkaban' visit

Harry Potter and the not-so-hidden microphone

How the 'Prisoner' trailer got leaked

'Azkaban' trailer is online

'Prisoner' trailer tonight on Extra, set report tomorrow

Watson talks of new director

Harry Potter 3 trailer beams to satellites in Europe

Hi-res 'Prisoner of Azkaban' pics from trailer

Son of Richard Harris on Michael Gambon

Thompson talks of Trelawney and scene

The Draco mystery picture cleared up

Scans of 'PoA' pics from USA Today

Update: We want Sirius!

Dumbledore, Aunt Marge in more 'Azkaban' photos

Draco, Sirius featured in new 'Prisoner' promo pics

A preview of the preview

'Prisoner' trailer running time confirmed

Transcript of Chris Rankin webchat

Spend a weekend with Chris Rankin, tour Britain the Harry Potter way

'Azkaban' trailer to show Nov. 14

Larger versions of the new 'PoA' pics

Update on (a possible) Charlie Weasley

Have you received your PoA rejection letter?

Interview with Hagrid's double

Exclusive: New behind-the-scene photos from 'Azkaban'

Radcliffe: Cuarón 'more intense'

Rickman theatre festival interview

Alex Crockford for Charlie Weasley?

New 'Prisoner' set report

Young singer joins Potter extras

Update: Interview and chat with Chris

'Lupin' nearly fired

New 'PoA' pictures

Update: No Harry and Hermione in Mexico

Xposé Magazine article on 'Prisoner'

Update: E! News PoA report cancelled

Agent claims Slytherin extra booted from 'Prisoner'

E! News on Harry Potter set

Thompson on Trelawney

Rumored update on 'PoA' & book 6

Exclusive: 'Azkaban' call sheets

Lupin wants to be left alone

Pottering about the 'Prisoner' set

Chris Rankin finished with filming for 'Azkaban'

Matthew Lewis talks about 'Potter'

IMAX wants large screen version of next Harry Potter

Update: Emma Thompson confirmed for Trelawney role in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

Interview with Coulson and Phelps twins

New set report from 'Azkaban'

Harry Potter and the truckloads of heather

Harry on magic ride to maturity

Update: 'Azkaban' poster in Canadian magazine

Gambon on being 'Dumbledore'

Ron/Hermione romance in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

Being an extra in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

'Azkaban' notes: Clothing still at issue?

Mexican 'Azkaban' premiere unlikely

Sean Biggerstaff still in 'Prisoner?'

'Prisoner' trailers being edited

Scans from 'Biography,' 'Sunday Times,' and 'Xposé'

Warner Bros offers fans desktop alerts

Prisoner of Azkaban trailer to debut in December

Aunt Marge talks

'PoA' set report from Shepperton Studios

Film crew packing up, Felton to return to studio next week

Throwing strawberries at Ron Weasley

New set photos from 'Azkaban'

Cleese is absent in 'Azkaban', expected in 'Fire'

Filming report from Virginia Waters Lake

Behind-the-scenes 'Azkaban' photos

Filming drawing to a close?

Daniel and Emma in love?

Oz film commission previews Harry Potter 3

'Azkaban' payoff for trio

Scotland preparing for Potter tourists

Cuarón to direct 'Phoenix' film?

'Nother 'Prisoner' report

Another on-location 'Azkaban' report

"Wet" Quidditch to be in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

On-set report from 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

Prime Minister's son, a 'Prisoner' gofer

Gambon's 'spellbinding' role

Official UK movie site updates with PoA pics

Hi-res 'Prisoner of Azkaban' pics from Newsweek

Edgy 'Prisoner' expected in June

Conservatives consider boycott of Cuarón

Cuaron's not starting 'Fire'

More 'Azkaban' images from the Sun

Dame on director

New 'Prisoner of Azkaban' photos

Michael Gambon as Dumbledore

'Prisoner' reflects Potter puberty, trio signed for 'Goblet'

Possible GoF and OotP movie release dates

Norwegian creating the animation for third Potter film

Exclusive: First look at Gary Oldman as Sirius Black

No movie preview at Comic-Con

Teenager spends birthday with Harry Potter film cast

Richard Griffiths: 'Everything starts' in Potter 3

Scenes from 'Azkaban' shown at production party

June 4, 2004: Potter vs. Garfield

Prisoner of Azkaban sneak peek at Comic-Con

Update: Martin Landham wins Bagman role in Harry Potter 4

Hagrid's Hut to be demolished

Swinton will not play Trelawney in Potter 3

Trelawney casting rumor

Photos of the new Privet Drive set

'Goblet' going back to Glencoe?

Kids paying to be in latest Potter movie

Changes abound for boy wizard in third movie

California boy wins bit part in next Harry Potter film

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Potter can't help Milton hotel company after all

John Williams will score 'Azkaban', maybe more

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Dumbledore discovers a quicker way to connect

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Picture of Michael Gambon as Dumbledore on PoA set!

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