Transcript of 'Azkaban' teaser #2

  February 17, 2004 at 7:48 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via Tip from reader)

Update: Watch the trailer, view screenshots

A new teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was shown on BBC1's Film 2004opens in new window at about 10:35 GMT tonight, and we have a transcript thanks to HPANA reader Madeleine. It's got a few exciting new bits in it, including scenes with Remus Lupin and his Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

New parts in bold:

(New, more dramatic music, choral style, instrumental – not sure if this is from the soundtrack or not)

A shot of the choir, as from first trailer

Dumbledore lighting the candle, as from first trailer

The Knight Bus, as from first trailer

New, brief shot of Harry

Draco blowing the paper bird as from first trailer

Harry, Hedwig and the arch as from first trailer

Harry/Hermione with Shrieking Shack in background as from first trailer

Dumbledore looking through a gap

New shot of the trio in their muggle clothes running down to Hagrid's hut

Shot of Lupin in the DADA class jumping in front of Harry with his arms out

Snape coming out of wardrobe again, as from trailer 1

Trio inside Hogwarts, on a staircase or similar, in their muggle clothes

Boggart Snape, as from first trailer

Trio in pumpkin patch, as from first trailer

New shot of Harry

Sirius in cell, as from first trailer

"Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban Prison. Swear to me, you won't go looking for Black." Voiceover, as from the first trailer

Snape protecting trio, as from first trailer

Trio walking down hill in uniform, as from first trailer

Harry and Hermione hiding behind a tree looking scared

Sirius's wanted poster, as from first trailer

Harry talking to Arthur Weasley as from first trailer

Draco sliding down a hill in the snow wearing a furry hat

Someone/something being dragged or sliding in the snow (with the Shrieking Shack in the background), not sure if this is a long shot of the Draco bit or something else

Harry under bedcovers with his wand lit up, as from first trailer

Aunt Marge floating away, as from first trailer

Hagrid with hands raised as from first trailer

Trio running down hill as from first trailer

Hermione reaching up to something, snowy background, wearing scarf and hat

Someone being swung round by their scarf, can't tell who, it doesn't look like Draco (or Crabbe or Goyle either), but they're wearing a Slytherin scarf.

New shot of Harry looking scared

The DADA class ducking as something small and round (looks like it could possibly be the moon Boggart) swoops over them

Unknown people restraining a screaming Sirius (only one of their faces can be seen, and it doesn't look like anyone we know)

Harry pointing his wand at something shining brightly out of shot

Dementor's hand, as from first trailer

Film's title on cloudy background, as from first trailer

Housekeeping lady knocking on door, as from Superbowl TV spot.

A big thanks to Madeleine for so quickly typing this up and sending it to us!

The Leaky Cauldron also has a summary with different detailsopens in new window in it.


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