Cuarón to direct 'Phoenix' film?

  August 16, 2003 at 6:07 PM ET
  James     HPANA (via Prisoner of Azkaban Movie News)

Rashed posts his writing on his Harry Potter movie siteopens in new window, an excellent spot for information relating to production and development of the latest installment in the Potter films.

Included in his latest reportopens in new window are possible details of the future 'Order of the Phoenix' film, as well as the usual (exciting) recount of events on this year's movie set. Rashed has also posted a few of the sketches of the movie set he drew impromptu while on location, since photos are strictly forbidden.

Once again we get to the park fairly early. We head straight to the "Beach" set. Rehearsals are already taking place. We enter the location from the forest behind the set. We expect to see barriers fairly soon, we were wrong. They hadn't extended the barriers. However we are quickly spotted by a PA or runner, and are asked to move round to watch the filming as we are in the line of the camera. We are taken round the side of the set, and sit down. Ron's and Hermione's doubles are on set with Alfonso Cuaron. A stand in for Hagrid is in the water, he briefly puts on a 'Hagrid Head'.

A sample of the rumours found in this piece, through mutterings "overheard on site":

Alfonso wants to direct the fifth movie. Was asked to do the fourth but wants a break. Would like to come back for the fifth and has asked WB to give him an offer.

Wow! Thanks very much for the tips, Rashed and Jim!


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