Australian censors say latest Harry Potter film not for kids

  June 3, 2004 at 10:04 AM ET
  Geri     Yahoo! News (via AFP)

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLCopens in new window) have slapped a M15+ rating onto the latest Harry Potter movie stating that it is too mature for children to see. The new rating of M15+ was given because of some scenes that the OFLC deemed to have "horror elements" included; those scenes feature Ron being attacked by a werewolf and a fight between a werewolf and Professor Snape. Both previous Harry Potter movies had a rating of PG in Australia.

The OFLC board saidopens in new window:

"The classifiable elements are themes involving horror ... that are moderate in impact -- several of which are inextricably linked to violence -- and do not exceed a moderate level of menace or threat."

The movie opens on June 10 in Australia.


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