New 'Azkaban' advertisement poster

  May 2, 2004 at 6:06 PM ET
  Geri     The Leaky Cauldron

Moviexclusive.comopens in new window have posted a very large scanopens in new window of an advertisement for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The new poster combines Harry, Ron & Hermione from the posters that we have seen beforeopens in new window. It may take a few minutes to load as it is an extremely large poster.

Update: Due to the overwhelming requests from HP fans, Moviexclusive.comopens in new window is holding a mini-contest to win this piece of newspaper advertisement. (Otherwise, you'll just have to hope it turns up in the stores, or accept the selection that is currently available in the marketopens in new window.) Good luck to those who enter.


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