Part 2 of 'Azkaban' visit

  November 13, 2003 at 2:37 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via

As previously reported visited Leavesden Studios in October and have just posted Part 2opens in new window of the report from their visit.

Here is just a little from the report:

First highlight, possibly something for future reference, Sam Neillopens in new window (Jurassic Park, etc) with Alfonsoopens in new window and some of the other managers walking around the film set, got us wondering, any vacancies for Goblet of Fire ?? - Karkarov maybe? who knows, he's a fine actor, remember you saw it here first.

What we did watch though was awesome from the finished sequences of the film, what I'm sure many of you (as we) were shocked at, is that in the film they fly, who's idea was that? We were watching the scene of the Quidditch match, when Harry hasn't managed his Patronus spell yet, a good five minutes of footage, hovering over the whole stadium, through the clouds, the rain, underneath him (in the book) he looks down, horrified, to see hundreds of Dementors, but in the film he is chased through the clouds by dozens of them, the action was truly amazing, he is frantically trying to get away from them but they are chasing him through the clouds, high above the stadium.

Gary Oldmanopens in new window was heard to remark during his filming with the Dementors, he's ******* strangling me, such was the reality of Alfonsos directing. We were told that Gary Oldman's scenes were so intense (simply because of the mans talent) that as many cast and crew, when they were able to, went to watch as many scenes as they could, he gave 200% for everything, I was told and blew them away everytime, so I think we should all congratulate the casting people for this choice.

They will have some pictures posted shortly.


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