'Prisoner' DVD far better than the first two

  November 14, 2004 at 8:21 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via Various)
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Well the reviews are starting to come in for the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD, which is being released in less than two weeks.

According to Rolling Stone magazine the DVD is listedopens in new window as number 9 on "The Year's Best" DVD list, saying:

The best of the three Potter films to date -- thanks to the dark magic of director Alfonso Cuarón -- is also the best DVD. The first two films were slogs due to the candy-bright view of director Chris Columbus. Cuarón works in the shadows, where mystery, sex and trauma do their mischief. The crisp transfer catches what goes bump in the night.

Extras: There are interactive challenges for the kids. But the interview with author J.K. Rowling is the no-bull surprise.

Killer Scene: It won't be just kids who get nightmares from the attack of the killer tree. And poor Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), who thinks a prisoner (Gary Oldman) is the key to his parents' murder, is in for a shock from soul-sucking creatures called Dementors.

Most Comprehensive DVD Package

Also, according to IGN’s reviewopens in new window

…it's excellent, far better than the first two. The improvements are across the board. The CG is better, the kids are all getting better as actors and the adults are perfect in their roles.

The Movie: Much better than the last two adaptations, but it still feels hurried = 8
The Video: Very nicely done, but somewhat dark and murky in places = 8
The Audio: Excellent range and immersive sound = 10
The Extras: Games and good stuff. Just lacking a commentary = 8
Overall Score: (not an average) = 8


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