Additional reviews on 'Prisoner' screening

  March 3, 2004 at 11:07 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via

Thanks to Matthew at Veritaserumopens in new window for contacting two people, Emily and Pat, who were present at the exclusive screening of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Chicago last week for additional comments about the movie. [Beware there are spoilers below and in the interviews.]

Emily's report can be read hereopens in new window.

The graphic of the werewolf wasn't finished, but I can tell you it looks more like a monster than a wolf, and Padfoot as a dog is animated, not an actual dog. The hippogriff and Whomping Willow weren't finished either, but there is a nice scene with Harry riding the hippogriff on the lake.

For her interview check hereopens in new window. How did you get to go to the screening?

Emily: Folks from Warner Bros. were coming around to some Chicago schools, and they went to my friend’s school. A student’s mother who worked at WB was signing up kids, and she gave me the tickets. Well, there weren’t actually tickets. Can you describe the scene where the dementor gets on the Hogwarts Express?

Emily: Harry and Hermione and Ron are talking about Lupin, I think, and then they blabber on and on about Scabbers, and then everything freezes up when Ron’s hand is on the window. When it freezes, everyone’s breath shows. Then the dementor’s hand comes on, and Harry faints. It’s much darker, with way more innuendo.

For Pat's interview check hereopens in new window. First of all could you tell me how you got into the test screening?

Pat: Well, this is the second screening I'd been to; we got into the first movie as well. Then it was just some lady in a mall asking people if they'd like to see a free screening to an up and coming movie, but they wouldn't tell us what it was. My parents decided it would be cool to try, and it turned out to be Harry Potter 1. The same thing happened again, except that they were outside of my sister’s school. They just asked if we wanted to see a screening of a soon to be released Warner Brothers movie. So we invited some friends and went. How is the Time Turner scene?

Pat: That was pretty cool, in a simple sort of way. You just see everybody moving backwards around Harry and Hermione as they turn back time.


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