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  October 31, 2003 at 3:09 PM ET
  grae     RupertGrint.net (via CountingDown.com)

It's getting closer, folks...

While the actual movie won't be released for another 8 months, the trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is only 2 weeks away. So naturally someone has already managed to sneak a peekopens in new window.

-starts out with WB with black smoke coming from the back

-then it cuts to the hogwarts express stopped on the tracks

-then it cuts to ron and hermione(I believe) looking at this house in the background

- then these words come up "Something wicked this way comes"

-then it shows the carriages going to hogwarts and on the right of the screen you can see the sign for hogesmede

-then it cuts to Dumbledore, he says "Welcome to another year at hogwarts"

-then (i believe it is the sorting ceremony), a choir starts singing

-then (very exciting part a may add) it shows that knight bus swerving through traffic and then it shows harry like in that one picture we saw, on the side of the road

-then it cuts (fast i may add) to aunt marge floating up in the air, lol

-then the next scene you see Draco blowing a paper bird to someone

-then it shows the trio walking down a hill from hogwarts

-then (probably my second or favorite part), it shows snape coming out of the closet and then lupin is behind neville and neville turns snape into his grandma, the bogart part (very funny)

-then it cuts to hogesmede (i believe), there is a sign posted up "have you seen this wizard" black is on it

-then you hear mr. weasly's voice talking to harry "Sirus Black has escaped from Azkaban prison"

-then it shows ron and hermione on the train scared, i think its when the dementors are coming in the cabin

-you see crooksanks for the first time

-then you see snape pointing his wand at harry (but the wand is lighten up) for light im sure

-then you see black in his cell

-then you hear mr weasly's voice again "Swear to me you won't go looking for black"

-then you hear harry say"why would I go looking for someone who wants to kill me"

-then in the next scene you see snape blocking the trio, from black, not sure

-then the next part you see harry under his bed covers and his book lights up

-then it shows the trio hiding from someone or something by hagrids hut

-then the next scene you see hagrids arms in the air and in the background you can see his class running away, im guessing its the hippogriff

-then it shows dumbeldore lighting candles magically

- then you see harry doing some sort of spell

-then (very cool part) you see the dementors hand opening the cabin door to the train

- then it ends with the choir again, singing "Something wicked this way comes"

-then it says "summer 2004"

- www.azkaban.com

So is anyone else excited yet?


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