Filming drawing to a close?

  August 19, 2003 at 1:47 PM ET
  James (via The Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Guide)

Rashed noticesopens in new window the "dismantling" of some of the sets and concludes that filming may soon be done with.

9:20 Back at the paddock and not much is going on, apparently they wont be filming until the sun comes out. The footage has to match that taken last week, when we were experiencing the hottest weather Britain has ever seen. It looks like the crew are in for a long wait. With the weather forecast saying that it will remain cloudy all afternoon with possible showers, it seems likely that little will be done today. Weather should be better tomorrow, with more shoots. As for now people are standing around. Apparently the crew encountered the same problem in Glen Coe where they had about two or three days of sunshine over three weeks of rain!

...11:00 I do another sketch of the paddock (to be uploaded tonight) scene. After a long wait, we decide to leave and return later, or tomorrow. Walking through the car park I notice Robbie Coltrane's trailer is leaving. Many other trailers have also left. It looks like the beginning of the end.

Rashed wrote and sent this article to iHP.comopens in new window, and he posted it at The Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Guideopens in new window, a site devoted to the latest Harry Potter film.

The PoA Movie Guide will be hosting new sketches of the movie set later tonight, so check back to the site!


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