Ron/Hermione romance in 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

  September 28, 2003 at 3:22 PM ET
  grae     MuggleNet (via Contactmusic)

MuggleNet.comopens in new window received from one of their readers an article from British tabloid The Daily Staropens in new window claiming that Harry Potter fans will be shocked by next year's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which will be "sexed -up" by Hermione and Ron's romanceopens in new window.

The makers of the next Harry Potter movie have sexed-up the plot by making Ron and Hermione fall in love. Fans of the hit wizard saga will be shocked with the Prisoner of Azkaban romance because it wasn't in the book. And the new film, which goes on general release on 15th November, will see the two young lovebirds having a row when Hermione lavishes her attention on her new pet cat. Rupert Grint revealed: "We get on pretty well to begin with, but then the cat comes along and we start arguing all the time." A film insider said: "We felt the romance adds a bit of drama, but there aren't any real love scenes."

Of course, any Hermione/Ron shipper will be quick to point out that Hermione and Ron's budding romance is more than evident in the books. Also, those who have read Prisoner of Azkaban know the true connection between Hermione's cat and the resulting tension in their friendship. Finally, most Harry Potter fans are aware that the movie will not be released on 15th November.

Obviously a flawed article, but it is interesting to see how the tabloids are covering the Harry Potter phenomenon.

(Thanks to RupertGrint.netopens in new window for the above Contactmusicopens in new window link.)


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