Edgy 'Prisoner' expected in June

  August 2, 2003 at 2:06 PM ET
  eudaemonia     Wizard News (via Sun-Herald & Sidney Morning Herald)

In a brief article entitled "Director brings magic of sex"opens in new window, speculations have emerged as to how different the third Harry Potter movie would compare to the first two thus far:

The previous two Potter movies were set in a timeless England. But number three, due next year, is all 21st-century grunge, judging by photographs from the set showing the Hogwarts students in dirty tracksuit tops. Actor Daniel Radcliffe has been listening to the Sex Pistols to get in the mood to play Harry. Dumbledore is to be played by a new actor as "an elegant, old hippie".

...[Cuaron] was "shocked" to be offered Azkaban. "I had just made this sexy, scandalous movie," he said. He has since decided "thematically" the stories are similar.

"But Y Tu Mama deals with class and homosexuality. Doesn't Harry Potter have fewer political overtones?" The New York Times asked.

"No. Harry Potter deals with class, with race, with power. I see this book as a metaphor for our times."


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