Changes abound for boy wizard in third movie

  June 27, 2003 at 11:34 AM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via Chicago Sun-Times)

From the Chicago Sun-Times comes this whopper of a movie updateopens in new window:

Filmmakers know that the pressure is on to deliver the goods on this third Harry Potter film. Producer David Heyman reports that a certain hormonal change before cameras started rolling was quite fortuitous. "Daniel's voice did break before we started filming--thank goodness," he says. "Actually, Daniel, Emma and Rupert becoming teens works for us because in the next movie, they really grow and change."

"It's good to be back filming. I miss Harry when I'm not pretending to be him. I just love putting on those glasses and becoming Harry again," says Radcliffe, whose entire life has changed since becoming the bespectacled superkid.

Chris Columbus, who will produce the third film, insists that the movie "will be faithful, but it can't include every moment of the book. That would be a seven-hour film. The key is to make Jo Rowling happy. She'll let us know if she sees something in the script that's missing."

But one faithful reader of the books embraces the differences between the films and the tomes.

"Obviously everyone has an opinion," Radcliffe says. "You either like the films or not. If you like the books, I think you'll like the movies. I think the films do stand up on their own. It doesn't help to nitpick."

For producer Heyman, it was a relief that the first films were embraced. "There has been such a pressure not to mess this up," he says.

Indeed. Read the rest at the link. Just a reminder, the third movie is slated for release June 4, 2004. The fourth movie and fifth movies are tentatively scheduled for November 2005 and spring 2007, respectively.


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