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Update: Gloucester Cathedral prepares for 'HBP' filming

Rickman to start filming 'HBP' in February

'HBP' filming at Gloucester Cathedral underway

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'HBP' filming at UK train station this weekend

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'Potter' trio discuss 'HBP,' talk more on Dumbledore news

Helen McCrory to play Narcissa Malfoy in 'HBP'

'HBP' film crew to film at Abbotsbury in the UK

First images of Hagrid's Hut under construction for 'HBP' movie

Update: Pictures from the 'HBP' movie set

Update: Filming starts in Lacock for 'HBP'

'Half-Blood Prince' scenes to be shot at Gloucester Cathedral

Update: Dumbledore was gay, says 'Potter' author

Chris Rankin 'unlikely' for 'HBP', hopeful for 'Deathly Hallows' movie

Daniel Radcliffe & Ralph Fiennes set to film 'HBP' in Lacock, UK

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Filming starts in Scotland for 'Half-Blood Prince'

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'Harry Potter' awards just keep rolling in

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Yates wants to 'balance the intimate with the epic' in 'HBP'

Jim Broadbent is Horace Slughorn, says actor

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Night scenes for 'HBP' to be shot at Lacock Abbey in October

'Potter' actors attend V Festival in UK

Watts, Fiennes & Townsend not lined up for 'Half-Blood Prince' movie

Now onto speculating the cast for 'Half-Blood Prince'

Exclusive 'Half-Blood Prince' movie tidbit

David Heyman chats about the 'Potter' movies and book 7

Nearly 7,000 turn out for Lavender Brown casting call in London

According to Yates 'HBP' is less intense & "more sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll"

Rupert to help with casting call for Lavender Brown

Audio Q&A from 'Order of the Phoenix' press conference

'HBP' casting call, filming news & direct confirmation that Yates is directing

Yates on 'Half-Blood Prince' & 'Order of the Phoenix'

WB's scouting Scotland for 'Half-Blood Prince' filming locations

Visiting the set of 'Harry Potter' (part 1)

David Yates confirmed to direct 'Half-Blood Prince'

Daniel, Rupert & Emma signed for remaining films

Report: Daniel Radcliffe signed for final two 'Potter' films

'HBP' to be filmed in Ireland?

Rumor: Michael Hoffman to direct HBP?

David Yates to direct 'Half-Blood Prince'?

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Age won't stop Rupert playing Ron

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'HBP' movie to be released in November 2008?

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