HPANA turns 3, becomes head of Hogwarts

  October 31, 2005 at 10:34 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA
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After starting humbly with a single web pageopens in new window on my home computer on October 15, 2002, HPANA has since exploded into an international, award-winning Harry Potter fan site.

Incredibly, today marks our third year online at hpana.comopens in new window and to celebrate, I'll answer an age-old question: Why the heck did I call it HPANA?

It was a combination of factors. First, I never thought we would become such a behemoth (the site now runs on three powerhouse Dell servers in a high-bandwidth datacenter), so it didn't seem to matter at the time. I knew I wanted an easy-to-type, short address for convenience, and I wanted to stay away from trademarks for fear of Warner Bros. (who, ironically, has became a great friend and resource to HPANA).

The already-established major Harry Potter fan sites at HPANA's birth were The Leaky Cauldron, MuggleNet, iharrypotter.net, DarkMark and TheSnitch.co.uk. Those were the sites I visited daily to get my fix of Potter news. But, I loathed going all over just to find that one new tidbit for the day. I wanted to make a web site that would bring it all to me so I wouldn't have to. HPANA was borne out of laziness, really. But also a desire to create a useful, fun service that supports both my and your frenzied obsession with a certain ocular-wearing green-eyed orphan.

I just have to say thanks to all the fans who visit and make this site their home online. We'll always be here for you!

In other news, it appears I'm opening a kitten farm because I (and hence, HPANA) have been elected the head of Hogwarts in Dissendium.com's Triwizard Tournamentopens in new window! Melissa over at TLC will be running Beaxbatons and Emerson from MuggleNet will be in charge of Durmstrang.

If you still want to join the game, use the last chance code "HPANA" to register. You'll get an instant 150 point bonus!


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