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Hogwarts Radio #83: The One Where You Just Got "Rickrolled"

  February 6, 2011 at 3:01 PM ET
  Jeremy     HPANA (via Hogwarts Radio)
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Hogwarts Radio is backopens in new window Wrocking and Rowling for a huge, 6 host show as we wrap up our Ministry of Magic segment with the most interesting discussion yet, in our 83rd edition of this Harry Potter podcast.

Hosts: Terrance Pinkston Jr., Jeremy Baril, Eric Scull, Mary Terzian, Geoff Buchanan, Xavier Austrone.

- A 6 host panel for this week!
- While the rest of us are freezing, Jeremy goes to the beach.
- We welcome Xavier Austrone from wrockBOXopens in new window!
- He introduces wrockBOX to the fandom as the ONLY 24/7 Wizard Rock radio station.
- Why is this so addicting?
- Another fandom initiative is also in the works, Dear Mr. Potteropens in new window, a blog based charity dedicated to furthering youth literacy!
- Our main discussion centers around the Department of Mysteries. OOOOOOO!!!
- The thought chamber is the first we talk about. What is the purpose of bewitching brains? Is this a form of Wizard psychology?
- Luna finds the Space Chamber to be odd… and that is saying something!
- What would the purpose of studying death be? How would one study the veil and the archway?
- Was the Ministry of Magic built around this room to protect, and conceal it?
- The Love Room provides some stimulating thought.
- What about the other rooms? We only know of 5. What are in the other 6?
- Eric solves one of the mysteries and thinks Rick Astley is locked in one of the rooms.
- Greatest moments of Hogwarts Radio wraps up this weeks show and tells how Eric punk’d us all.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:52:11 — 51.6MB)


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