Evanna Lynch
Evanna Lynch

Evanna 'stunned' with chance to play Luna

  July 20, 2006 at 1:32 PM ET
  Geri     CBBC Newsround
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Yesterday we told you that an interview with the newest addition to the Harry Potter movies, Evanna Lynch, would be airing in the UK today.

CBBC Newsround's transcriptopens in new window is now online. In it, Evanna describes the audition process, why fans like her character and if she is excited to film the Ministry of Magic scenes at the end of the film.

CBBC Newsround: What's filming been like so far?

Evanna: It's really fun. I just really enjoy the filming part and everyone's really, really nice. And you don't get nervous when you are talking to everyone. Well the first few days I was nervous but then when you start talking to people it's fine.

CBBC Newsround: Are you looking forward to filming the fight scenes in the Ministry of Magic at the end of the film?

Evanna: Yes very much. That's going to be exciting. I was watching them building the set and it looks really good.

UPDATE: You can view the video hereopens in new window (you must have RealPlayer) or go hereopens in new window and click on Thursday. You can also view the video in QuickTime hereopens in new window, thanks Hannah. You can see some high-quality screencaps hereopens in new window courtest of VTM.


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