"Is quidditch the worst fake sport ever?"

  April 26, 2006 at 10:32 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via The Guardian)
  quidditch, harry potter

In an odd column complaining about football commentary in the UK, the author asks the question "Is quidditch the worst fake sport ever?"

While watching the latest Harry Potter movie, the author questions the rules of the game; its popularity in the wizarding world and sportsmanship.

The author equatesopens in new window quidditch to basketball and the worthlessness of the game:

Running simultaneously are: a version of basketball, where players are required to punt a ball called a quaffle through various hoops; a perversion of the kind of bodyline swingball favoured by hyperactive 10-year-old boys, where the aim is simply to whack one of two balls called bludgers at your opponent; and the search for a tiny flying ball called the Golden Snitch, which must be captured for the game to end, and is worth an instant and wildly disproportionate 150 points.

So to clarify, I am required to keep my eye not simply on three balls at any one time, but also on a winged snitch (which is virtually invisible to anyone in the crowd anyway), the capture of which almost without exception renders the preceding however many minutes or hours entirely worthless.


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