Daniel with his portrait
Daniel with his portrait

Update: Radcliffe portrait added to gallery

  April 11, 2006 at 8:06 PM ET
  Geri     Yahoo! News (via BBC News)
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Stuart Pearson Wright, who last year created the three-dimensional portrait of Harry Potter author JK Rowling has added actor Daniel Radcliffeopens in new window to his collection of work. Daniel’s portrait, as well as nine others, will be unveiledopens in new window at London's National Theatre on Wednesday evening before moving to the permanent display at the National Portrait Gallery. Daniel becomes one of the youngest sitters for an individual portrait in the National Portrait Gallery.

UPDATE: Hi-res photos, courtesy MuggleNet:

Daniel, who was 14 when he posed, had this to say about the experience:

I love it. Until recently, I'd seen a peek of it in the catalogue, but not actually seen the real thing. It was strange seeing myself as I was two years ago, not as I am now. If you look at each individual part of my face they look exactly like part of my face. Together it's surreal. It's a great honour to be in there among such amazing actors and actresses.

Additional portraits of fellow Potter actors Alan Rickmanopens in new window and Timothy Spallopens in new window will also be showing at the National Portrait Gallery.

The Daily Telegraph also has a report hereopens in new window, thanks Pageopens in new window.

UPDATE: Thanks to Pageopens in new window and Jennaopens in new window for letting us know that you can view the portrait at their respective sites - thanks guys.

Thanks to Nicki for letting us know of another articleopens in new window about the portrait in which the artist discusses working with Dan.


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