Harry Potter fan sites play the fool

  April 1, 2004 at 3:56 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA
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Unsuspecting Harry Potter fans awoke today to find their favorite sites and communities overrun with tomfoolery, in celebration of April Fool's day. The event has become a stalwart tradition in the HP fandom.

Sites who joined in the fun today include:

    • The news site took a page from last year's prank and moved into the wizarding world to become PNN. Original articles by the HPANA news staff made many-a-visitor do a double-take, including grae's Knight Bus and Time turner incidents, Cheeser's Umbridge and Sirius Black stories, Jatamansi's wonderful Viktor Krum letter-writing injury and BrendaisBored's Wizard obesity and Floo powder articles. Woefully ommitted due to a grave error on Cheeser's part was an article by rissa introducing the Firebolt sporting broom. Please forgive me, rissa!
  • The Leaky Cauldronopens in new window
    • Combining humor with good intentions, TLC enlisted the help of actor Jim Tavaréopens in new window, who's playing the part of Tom the innkeeper (of the actual Leaky Cauldron, no less!) in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Tom (a.k.a. Jim) posted throughout the day wondering what all these people were doing in his pub, chatting incessantly about Harry Potter. They were also able to promote Jim's upcoming marathonopens in new window in support of the British Dyslexia Associationopens in new window.
  • FictionAlleyopens in new window
    • Hit first with an hilarious assortment of splash screens featuring Harry Potter characters in cross-fandom parodies, visitors to FictionAlley were also informed that the site had learned of a planned sequel to NBC's The Apprenticeopens in new window, which would be a combination of BBC's The Office and include cast members from the Harry Potter films.
  • Sugar Quillopens in new window
    • The Weasley twins are apparently doing quite well with their new business venture. Sugar Quill was kind enough to lend them some web hosting, and converted into Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezesopens in new window, where customers could order from a full spectrum of offerings from the Harry Potter-financed operation. Very well-done.
  • Chris Rankin Onlineopens in new window
    • Speaking of Weasleys, the actor who plays Percy (or at least, his webmaster Lynn) played a prank on visitors and introduced them to his new bandopens in new window, SMOCK MAKING SENSE. For a mere five easy installments of $300.00, your firstborn child, and a 20% share in your soul (and possibly a few kidneys) you could order the live performance DVD and rock out.
  • Potter Puppet Palsopens in new window
    • Due to "copyright problems" the gang behind this hilarious Potter parody proves you can't go too far in our fandom. Their new characters, Drake-o Mullet, Drumstick-door ("I still like muffins!") and Professor Snake (the paperclips master) await your incendiary response.
  • MuggleNetopens in new window
    • They liked HPANA's PNN gag so much they played the same trick and forwarded people there. They also "turned things upside-down" on various elements of their site (namely, the countdown to PoA).

Know of any more? Please let us know! We hope you enjoyed the fun. We certainly did.


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