How to have a very 'Harry' Halloween

  October 4, 2003 at 11:39 PM ET
  Cheeser (via

With the Harry Potter series chock-full of great characters - both good and bad - there's lots of ways Muggles can concoct a festive All Hallows Eve party, from creating a Maurader's Map (using invisible ink, of course) to converting the house into Hogwarts' Great Hall for an evening.

Donna Pilato, editor of's entertaining category, describes a Halloween party the whole family can enjoyopens in new window:

Create a Sorting Hat centerpiece for your buffet table out of felt. Decorate it with stars, crescent moons, lightning bolts, or any wizard imagery of your choice. The more tattered and frayed it looks, the better.

Record a tape of someone moaning and play it continuously in your powder room for the 'Moaning Myrtle' effect.

Send your guests home with broomsticks (either life-size or the small craft variety), and magic wands either purchased in a magic shop or children's costume store, or that you have created yourself.

Be sure to check out Pilato's costume ideas and other decorating tips to make a purely Potterrific party.


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