Harry Potter and the College Credits

  September 28, 2003 at 2:07 PM ET
  rissa     Moreover (via Netscape.co.uk)

Ever wonder if perhaps science could bring about the same magical effects seen in the Harry Potter books? Could a scientist genetically engineer a Fluffy? Could a broom be engineered to fly? Students at Frostburg State University in Maryland are finding out, and getting college credits while they're at it!

"This is not something where you just show up and talk about Harry Potter books and get a grade," (Professor) Plitnik said before donning his black wizard's hat and robe for a recent session. "This is a college-level class."

Plitnik's seminar may be the first science-based Harry Potter class offered for college credit, although other schools, including Penn State University, have developed similar programs for children's summer camps.

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