Democratic independence taught in Potter

  September 28, 2003 at 1:18 AM ET
  James     HPANA (via

In an outstanding articleopens in new window, Mike Hersh relates his view of the moral and social messages abundant in the Potter novels and the effects inherent on avid Potter fans. Hersh believes the series nurtures a serious independence and provides or solidifies a strong foundation for the expression of opinions in a democratic manner. Also included in this wonderful composition is an example of these same values manifested - through the famous SaveGOFopens in new window campaign.

Hersh isn't above the frequent insult to any follower of the right-wing party as is apparent in this article. Humorous, yet not to be taken extremely seriously.

Like most of the antagonists in the Potter books, right wingers see the world - especially morality - in stark, simplistic black and white. They revere authority and disdain, even suppress dissent. By contrast, Rowling's young heroes navigate currents of ambiguity unique in children's literature and rare in adult fiction.

Harry, Ron and Hermione repeatedly defy adults, break rules, and exemplify bold courage in the face of oppressive authority. Such subversive attitudes refute rigid right wing dogma. Their example - offering loyalty and respect only to those who earn them - prepares young readers to question authority and think for themselves.

This is already happening, in a surprising way. An eMedia Wire press release reports:

Harry Potter Fans Unite in Global Protest. There is nothing more loyal than a Harry Potter fan. Warner Brothers Pictures understands that to the tune of a record-breaking 1.8 billion dollars in world-wide box office receipts. Now, these same movie executives will get to experience the unusual sensation of having Harry's loyal fans united in protest - against them.

The present controversy pits an ad hoc group called SaveGOF (Goblet of Fire) against the media giant. The eMedia press release quotes SaveGOF spokesperson Amanda Caskey (a.k.a Andaxia Moonstar)":

So when I learned that screenwriter Steve Kloves had been asked to submit a single 2½ hour screenplay for the fourth movie, to be based on the epic-length novel Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I became extremely upset ... and now they've actually decided to make a single short movie? It will never work!"

It is especially notable to us editors that the famous SaveGOF project was started on HPANA. With the efforts of a few dedicated individuals such as Amanda Caskey (Andaxia Moonstar) and David Balsam (C.H. Snorkack), their grassroots campaign has literally become a global item. Over the time from the beginning of this project and now, this news story has been sent to our tips inbox far, far more than any other.

Congratulations and best wishes for the future to these individuals and their efforts, and a thank you goes to Amanda/Andaxia for the tip leading to this story.


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