Petition seeks to instate American talent

  September 2, 2003 at 9:53 PM ET
  James     Wizard News (via Petition Online)

Expressing outrage over the rule allowing only British actors and actresses to be cast into the Harry Potter films, a mass online petitionopens in new window has sprung up (almost invisibly). Its message is directed to major and minor members of the casting process at Warner Bros., and although it is presently signed with less than 200 names in support of the cause, it just may be growing in popularity.

The Harry Potter movies are one of the most popular ones of our time. With a hopeful seven movies coming out, the public knows that actors must be cast for new roles. However, the casting offices has stated there only taking United Kingdom residents. We feel this is an outrage and discrimination! Actors in the United States and other countries are just as good of actors as people in the U.K. and we feel we should have the chance to audition for parts in the Harry Potter movies.

Sign the petitionopens in new window if you must, but this editor feels the cause will not be heard but those who need to. A worthwhile one, indeed, but not undersigned to an extent worthy of admission.


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