The very busy Pam Ferris

  March 5, 2003 at 1:33 PM ET

The Sentinel out of Staffordshire has an article about what's keeping Pam Ferris aka Aunt Marge Dursley busy these days:

One of Britain's "hardest-working character actresses", as Pam Ferris calls herself, is back on television this week as new factory boss Pat Fletcher in BBC One's consistently entertaining drama Clocking Off.

The role puts the 53-year-old actress back in the front seat after a number of supporting roles in dramas such as Pollyanna and Sweet Revenge over the past year, but Ferris tackled the challenge with relish. "Paul Abbott , Clocking Off writer, sent me this storyline that he had invented about this woman who is nothing like I've ever seen on television before," says Ferris. "It's very witty and very original.

Ferris, who's husband is actor Roger Frost, seems to get busier and busier. She has a healthy film career which was started by her formidable performance as Agatha Trunchbull in Danny DeVito's Matilda and is continuing with a role in the next Harry Potter film. As well as that, she fronts ITV1's new detective drama Rosemary & Thyme with Felicity Kendal later in the year.

For the entire article, check out the link above.


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