Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

News, rumors and information about the November 2005 film adaptation of JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire including pictures, videos, interviews, set reports and more. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Enter to win HPANA's Ultimate Edition 'Harry Potter' sweepstakes

Review: 'Harry Potter Film Wizardry'

ABC Family to preview 'HBP' & exclusive footage during 'Potter' weekend

'Harry Potter' ultimate edition DVD's announced

Artwork for new 'Harry Potter Years 1 - 5' Blu-ray & DVDs covers

'Potter' movie marathon in NYC's Ziegfeld Theatre

Reminder of ABC Family 'Potter' weekend & new 'Half-Blood Prince' picture

ABC Family to preview 'HBP' during 'Potter' weekend

'Wyrd' group still battling over fictional 'Potter' band's name

Director Mike Newell discusses 'Goblet of Fire' experiences

'Potter' stars attend 'Music from the Movies' in London

All 'Harry Potter' movies in HD, holiday gift packs

'Harry Potter' photos available to own for the first time

Review of 'GoF' Hi-Def DVD

All 'Potter' DVDs to be available in HD DVD

New audio interview with Dan Radcliffe

'GoF' one of the '50 Movies That Captured Their Location'

Reminder: Potter weekend on ABC Family

Grint & Phelps twins attend Kids BAFTA's, 'GoF' wins

Vote for 'Goblet of Fire' for children's BAFTA

'Goblet of Fire' nominated for children's BAFTA

Video of Dan's acceptance of Ciné award

'Goblet of Fire' sweeps Genre Awards

Secrets from 'Goblet of Fire' underwater sequence

New feature on official 'Harry Potter' site

Tom Felton will be back for 'HBP' & more

Dan discusses 'GoF' DVD Guinness World Record

'Magic Works' from 'Goblet' nominated for award

'Goblet of Fire' wins Teen Choice award

Matt Lewis: Umbridge is "... twisted & slightly mental"

'Goblet of Fire' HD DVD details emerge

2007 'Potter' calendars now available

All 'Potter' DVDs to be shelved by 2007

'Goblet of Fire' nominated for SCREAM Award

Warwick Davis holds special auction for school

'Goblet of Fire' wins at Home Entertainment Awards

Canadian Wyrd Sisters ordered to pay WB $140,000

Dan, Emma & 'GoF' nominated for SyFy Genre Awards

'GoF' Sirius & Moody visual effect stills

'Goblet of Fire' gets Teen Choice 2006 nomination

'Potter' edged out as most dominant franchise character

Hi-res Bravo Otto awards photos of Dan, Emma & Rupert

'Narnia' edges out 'GoF' for top selling DVD of 2006

'GoF' DVD now a Guinness World Record holder

'Harry Potter' and the legal downloads

'Goblet of Fire' earns MTV Movie Award nominations

'GoF' grosses $20 million in IMAX theatres

'Goblet' special effects profiled in Cinefex

Potter wins at Kid's Choice Awards

Reminder: Vote for Potter at the Nick awards

'GoF' available for download with Dutch DVD release

Update: 'GoF' cast on 'Sunrise' on Thursday, video

'Goblet of Fire' flies off the shelves in the UK

'GoF' contest for Aussie fans

'GoF' nominated for Spacey Awards

Empire reviews 'GoF' DVD for British fans

Go shopping to celebrate the release of 'GoF' in the UK

'Goblet of Fire' DVD flies off the shelves

Good deeds by Potter stars

Watch and discuss 'Goblet of Fire' live on HPANA

5 million copies of 'GoF' DVD sold

Williams voted 'Film Composer of the Year'

'Potter' nominated for 2006 Kids' Choice Awards

'Goblet of Fire' DVD released

'Goblet of Fire' fails to win an Oscar this year

New updated podcast from Warner Bros. on 'GoF' DVD

Review of 'GoF' DVD from EW & more

New clips from 'Goblet' DVD

New interview with trio

'GoF' nominated for Empire Awards

HPANA's Great Goblet Giveaway underway

New clips from 'GoF' DVD

Additional clips from 'GoF' DVD

AOL's Moviefone 'Moviegoer' Awards results

Official 'Goblet of Fire' podcast on iTunes

New reviews of 'GoF' DVD, advertisement

'GoF' on 'Most Impressive List of Tepid 2005'

New videos from 'GoF' DVD

Review of 'GoF' deluxe edition DVD

'Goblet of Fire' wins NME 2006 Award

AOL's Moviefone 'Moviegoer' Awards voting closing soon

Rupert Grint attends the BAFTAs

Fiennes video from 'Inside the Actors Studio'

Images of 'Goblet of Fire' DVD menu screens

'Goblet of Fire' supporting cast promo & still pics

Additional 'GoF' DVD release dates

'Goblet of Fire' nominated for 8 Saturn Awards

Sneak preview of 'Goblet of Fire' DVD

'Goblet of Fire' DVD commercial

'Goblet' of movie stills, behind-the-scene images

New video on Amazon: 'Goblet' cast talks movies 5 and 6

Watch an exclusive clip from 'Goblet' DVD on Amazon

Pre-order 'GoF' DVD from B&N, Amazon UK & WBShop

Katie to appear at Collectormania G-Mex

'Goblet of Fire' receives Oscar nomination

China to view 'GoF' DVD first

'GoF' nominated Best Film for NME 2006 Award

'GoF' exceeds 'CoS' in worldwide box office receipts

New set pictures from 'Goblet of Fire'

UK 'GoF' DVD release on March 20; May 31 in France

AOL's Moviefone 'Moviegoer' Awards now open

Some new images from 'GoF'

BAFTA nominations for 'GoF' announced

'Goblet of Fire' DVD available for pre-order from Amazon

New interview with Emma Watson

'GoF' & actors on Moviefone's 'Moviegoer Awards' list

UPDATE: Official 'GoF' DVD cover art, trailer, release date

IMDb sasses Rupert, 'Potter' sites

'GoF' DVD contents revealed?

'Goblet of Fire' on Oscar list for sound editing

'Goblet of Fire' nominated for five visual effects awards

'GoF' receives no awards from BFCA

Possible 'GoF' DVD artwork?

'GoF' sets IMAX record

New 'GoF' cast interviews

Extras on 'GoF' DVD announced by BBFC

'GoF' tops IMDB's 'Best of 2005' polls

April 11th: 'GoF' Hi-Def DVD release

Cedric's demise on EW's tragic movie moments list

Internationally 'GoF' number one movie for 2005

'Goblet of Fire' DVD deleted scenes

'GoF' DVD arrives in March?

Update: GMTV behind-the-scenes look at 'GoF'

Katie among AZN finalists

'GoF' second highest grossing Potter movie in the U.S.

New images from 'GoF' photo shoot

Potter No. 9 on EW's '2005 Entertainers of the Year' list

'GoF' reigns supreme in the UK

New Potter cast interviews in 'K-Zone' magazine

New 'GoF' items at Hot Topic

Test your 'GoF' knowledge

Potter tops EW's 'Best of 2005' poll

'GoF' surpasses 'PoA' in U.S. box office receipts

'GoF' & 'Do the Hippogriff' on short & long lists for Oscars

Gleeson gets nomination nod for LFC Award

GoF@IMAX in Washington, D.C.

Potter parody in 'Mad' magazine

Fiennes in NY Times, 'Tonight Show'

'GoF' actors to appear in Collectormania G-Mex

New hi-res 'Goblet of Fire' stills

New 'GoF' interview with trio

'GoF' slips from the number one spot in the U.S.

'Goblet of Fire' nominated for three Critics' Choice Awards

'Goblet of Fire' movie transcript at IMSDb

Satellite Award nominations for 'Goblet of Fire'

New Emma Watson pictures & radio interview

Katie nominated for 'Outstanding Newcomer Award'

For your consideration 'Harry Potter'

'Goblet of Fire' still number one in the U.S.

Hi-res pictures from EW, ELLEgirl photo shoot

Does JK Rowling even exist?

Interviews with Stan & Newell from Bulgarian premiere

New hi-res images from 'Goblet of Fire'

Additional videos from Japanese press conference

Images from Xbox version of 'GoF' Game

A&E's 'Breakfast with the Arts' video

Behind-the-scenes footage from 'GoF' special

New pictures from 'Goblet of Fire'

'GoF' surpasses $400 million at world box-office

Official Japanese site updated with new 'GoF' items

Commercial for 'GoF' game & new picture from Yule Ball

Stan & Newell attend Bulgarian premiere of 'GoF'

'GoF' cast appearances: Katie in China, Stan in Bulgaria

Never before scenes from 'GoF' calendar

Hi-res image & video clip of Voldemort from 'GoF'

'GoF' screened on International Space Station

Emma Watson on the cover of ELLEgirl

Video & photos of 'GoF' Japan premiere

New pictures from EW photo shoot

Rupert explains his absence from Tokyo premiere

Other directors weigh in on how they would direct Potter

New Korean 'Goblet of Fire' posters

'GoF' on IMAX shatters records

A massive $102.3 million for 'GoF' weekend

New interviews with the Phelps twins, Daniel & Mike Newell

EA game videos with interviews & scenes from the movie

Interviews with screenplay writer Steve Kloves

'Goblet of Fire' DVD to be released in April?

Early weekend estimates of 'GoF'

TV Guide interviews David Heyman

Update: 'GoF' makes $39.3 million on first day in U.S.

Potter trio on the cover of LIFE magazine

Video of A&E special & Emma on the 'Early Show'

Video of Emma & Robert arriving in Tokyo for premiere

Video of Dan on 'Showbiz Tonight'

An In-depth interview with the Patil twins from 'GoF'

'GoF' fastest-selling Potter movie in Fandango history

Moviefone interviews the cast of 'Goblet of Fire'

Videos of cast & specials from the UK

New reviews from USA Today & Roger Ebert

Heyman discusses 'Goblet of Fire'

The New York Times: 'GoF' is a happily satisfying film

Updated Potter cast TV appearances & shows

Video of Katie on British TV

Dan discusses Snape's redeeming quality

Clémence & Katie talk to Empire

Michael Gambon talks about Dumbledore, books & kids

New interviews with Clémence, Stanislav & Robert

Daniel & Rupert's iTunes picks

Video of Emma & Dan's latest TV appearances

Potter week on CNN

Miranda Richardson speaks about 'GoF'

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Goodies sweepstakes

Video of Dan's appearance on 'The Early Show'

Reviews abound for 'Goblet of Fire'

'GoF' international, cast TV watch

Update: 'Goblet of Fire' New York premiere images, news

'Potter' interviews on MSN, mini-bios on MSNBC

Trio, new cast of 'GoF' on 'Mayhem'

When is too much Harry too much?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Potter

Video of Dan on MTV's TRL & FUSE TV

GMTV, PlanetaTV interviews with trio

New 'Goblet of Fire' clip from Ellen

Mexican 'Goblet of Fire' premiere, new posters

Update: Interviews & behind-the-scenes from 'GoF'

Chat live with Emma Watson

Updated list of 'GoF' cast TV appearances

Devon to attend Ireland 'GoF' gala screening

New French kissing 'Goblet of Fire' movie clip

Wanted: New Yorkers for NY Post article

New reviews of 'Goblet of Fire'

Dan's appearance on U.S. morning shows

Updated Radcliffe TV watch

Video of 'Goblet of Fire' French premiere & press conference

Confirmed list of attendees for 'GoF' NY premiere

Spotlight on the Patil sisters of 'Goblet of Fire'

'GoF' cast portraits of Katie, Stan & Robert

Photos from 'GoF' French premiere & photocall

Radcliffe to appear on 'Rove Live'

'Goblet of Fire' soundtrack on sale at iTunes

HBO's "First Look" at 'GoF' video

Extended 'GoF' clip on 'Ellen'

Rowling 'loves' the 'GoF' movie; DVD & 'OotP' news

'Goblet of Fire' interviews, movie clips on MTV Overdrive

'GoF' behind-the-scenes, interviews on Tribute TV

Film Focus' mini-site from 'GoF' premiere

Update: 'GoF' premiere news, photos & videos

Casting news on 'OotP' from premiere

New photos of Dan, Rupert, Katie & Triwizard champions

Live stream of 'Goblet of Fire' world premiere today

'GoF' scans from 'USA Weekend'

Some early UK reviews of 'GoF'

UK 'GoF' theatre posters

HBO First Look commercial footage of 'GoF'

Additional 'Goblet of Fire' TV appearances

New underwater 'Goblet of Fire' poster

New Stanislav 'Goblet of Fire' promotional images

Trio to appear in 'Ministry of Mayhem'

Reminder: Dan on UK TV tonight

New 'Goblet of Fire' images from sticker book

Judge dismisses Wyrd motion to block 'GoF' release

Radcliffe, Heyman and 'GoF' photos on EW online

Participate in a web chat on the 'GoF' video game

'GoF' casting a spell on ticket sales

Update: Grint to join Radcliffe on MTV's TRL

Update: Live stream of 'Goblet of Fire' world premiere

Try your luck at the Triwizard Challenge

Guests for 'GoF' premiere in Tokyo announced

HPANA, others to host special 'Goblet of Fire' IMAX screenings

New image scans of 'GoF' cast on Movie Time

The Dark Mark has been cast!

UPDATE: 'GoF' to be featured in Entertainment Weekly

Interview with Newell on directing 'Goblet of Fire'

Win a chance to walk the red carpet at the NY premiere

Meet Jamie, Matthew and Devon in NYC

New 'Goblet of Fire' mini-sticker book

Numerous Potter stars to attend London premiere

New 'GoF' clip of World Cup Quidditch

Win tickets to a sneak preview of 'GoF' in Chicago

BBC Radio interview with Mike Newell

'Goblet of Fire' ITV1 and A&E specials

Emma Watson featured on 'ElleGirl,' 'Nicola' magazines

Canadian 'GoF' pin collection contest

HPANA turns 3, becomes head of Hogwarts

Some new 'GoF' video game images & video

'GoF' behind-the-scenes video clips

New 'GoF' clip from Ellen

Reports from cast & crew screening of 'GoF'

Another new 'GoF' TV spot

Newell & Yanevski to attend Bulgarian 'GoF' premiere

Scans from Chilean 'GoF' photo album

A behind-the-scenes look at 'GoF'

New 'Goblet of Fire' commercial aired on U.S. TV

Videos and interviews galore

Patrick Doyle very proud of 'GoF' score

Interview with 'GoF' dance choreographer

'Goblet of Fire' Yule Ball band footage on BBC 4

Movie Reporter interview with 'GoF' cast and director

'GoF' TV spots: Duel with Voldemort, Fleur kissing Ron

Emma Watson on BBC Radio 1

International clips of 'GoF' press conference

Potter cast TV appearances

UPDATE: 13 new clips from 'Goblet Of Fire'

UPDATE: Hear entire 'Goblet of Fire' soundtrack on AOL

Sneak peek of 'GoF' Dark Mark site

Moviefone exclusive preview from 'Goblet of Fire'

New video from 'Goblet of Fire'

'GoF' posters from 'USA Weekend' magazine

'Goblet of Fire' feature in Empire magazine

Marks & Spencer display, Emma appearance

'ETalk Daily' with Daniel and Emma

First review of 'Goblet of Fire'

Radcliffe and Poésy at 'Goblet of Fire' French premiere

Sneak preview of Girl's Life cover featuring Emma Watson

New footage from 'GoF' on MTV.com

HarryPotterSoundtrack.com launched, features 'GoF'

Wyrd Sisters try to bar 'GoF' distribution in Canada

Daniel, Emma & Rupert to be on 'The Ministry of Mayhem'

'Goblet of Fire' UK photocall, cast interviews

New interview with Dan about 'GoF'

Reports of a new 'GoF' TV commercial

Dan's first appearance on UK TV for 'GoF'

Radcliffe to appear on MTV's 'TRL'

'Goblet of Fire' running time confirmed

Round-up of press conference interviews

UPDATE: New 'GoF' pictures in hi-res

New pics of Malfoy, Amos Diggory, Cho, Neville and Dean

Taiwan issues 'GoF' stamps to encourage collecting

'Goblet of Fire' press conference from London

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: Spoiler filled overview of 'GoF'

Official UK & U.S. 'Goblet of Fire' sites updated

New York elementary school to screen 'Goblet of Fire' early

New footage from 'Goblet of Fire' on Extra!

Update: MP3 samples of 'GoF' soundtrack

New picture of Ginny in hi-res

Official 'Harry Potter' website updated

Vote for HPANA in WB-sponsored Triwizard Tournament

New 'GoF' TV spot now online

'Goblet of Fire' interviews in 'Nickelodeon'

Exclusive 'Goblet of Fire' preview on Extra!

'Goblet of Fire' character banners

'GoF' given 12A rating in the UK

Tons of new 'GoF' pictures

Potter cell phone wallpapers from Japan

Meet the Weasley twins opening weekend of 'GoF'

Play 'Scene-It' on official Potter site

'Pink' spotlight on Emma, features young cast of 'GoF'

Krum audition lands actor new role in 'Goblet'

Matt Lewis speaks about meeting Rowling & 'GoF'

'GoF' interview in 'Sci-Fi' magazine

New French calendar 'Goblet of Fire' images

New 'Goblet of Fire' character posters

New behind-the-scenes 'Goblet of Fire' pictures

New 'GoF' images of Ron, Harry & the Patil twins

'Goblet of Fire' movie tickets now available

'GoF' images from Scholastic poster book

Official 'Goblet of Fire' production notes

Exclusive: Sneak preview of new HarryPotter.com

'GoF' images in hi-res

'Goblet of Fire' NYC premiere tickets for charity

Hi-Def 'GoF' trailer, screenshots and stills available

Update: 'GoF' soundtrack cover, summary released

Update: 'GoF' posters coming in 'USA Weekend' magazine

Dan wasn't naked for prefect bath scene

First images of Gabrielle Delacour and a young Rita Skeeter

'GoF' video game expands on movie

'GoF' stamps issued by Isle of Man

Source: 'Goblet of Fire' 157 minutes long

Update: Heyman talks about first task and Fiennes

New Denmark 'Goblet of Fire' poster

A chat with Daniel Radcliffe

Tracklist for 'Goblet of Fire' soundtrack listed on Amazon

New 'GoF' merchandise on official Japanese site

'Goblet of Fire' featured in 'Premiere' magazine

Want to see an advance screening of 'GoF' in Seattle?

'Goblet of Fire' segment to air on MSNBC

New Katie Leung interview

'GoF' feature from 'Film Review' magazine

Potter stars to host WB special

'Goblet of Fire' feature in 'Xpose' magazine

New 'Goblet of Fire' calendar images

'Goblet of Fire' movie web site updated

Official 'GoF' video game site from EA Games goes live

Mad-Eye mini-site sneak peek!

'Goblet of Fire' Hermione poster released

Brand new Mad-Eye Moody poster

Harry character poster from 'Goblet of Fire'

Ron in Yule Ball tuxedo character poster

'GoF' TV spots now available from WB

Official 'Goblet' one-sheet poster in hi-res

New 'GoF' items from the Noble Collection

Hi-res picture of Harry from 'GoF'

Official 'Goblet of Fire' site updated

New 'GoF' interviews with Dan, Rupert, Robert, Katie & Stan

New 'GoF' calendar scenes

Band tries to block 'GoF' film distribution

New 'Goblet of Fire' trio & champions poster

Fiennes discusses working with Dan

New hi-res picture from 'Goblet of Fire'

Update: New 'Goblet of Fire' trailer shown on U.S. TV

'GoF' movie posters available to buy online

More 'Goblet of Fire' scans

'GoF' on must-see list from Empire magazine

New picture of Harry from 'GoF'

'Goblet of Fire' soundtrack release date update

Lessons, Yule Ball & Slytherin 'GoF' images

New scans of QWC, Filch, Moody, Harry & Dumbledore

More new scans from 'Goblet of Fire'

New images of Crouch, Jr., Cho, Ron and the twins

Newell and Radcliffe on 'Goblet of Fire'

Canadian Wyrd Sisters sue WB, et al

Additional scans from German calendar

HBO's First Look features 'Goblet of Fire'

'Goblet of Fire' premieres confirmed for London, New York City

Dan on doing 'OotP' and much more

Four new 'GoF' solo character posters

Hot Topic 'GoF' movie merchandise

'Making of GoF' to air in New Zealand

Update: New 'Goblet of Fire' calendar images

Error in 'GoF' fixed by Warner Bros.

Additional calendar images from 'GoF'

'GoF' 2006 calendar images

New 'GoF' TV commercial

Virgin interviews Pattinson and Leung

Update: Download new UK 'GoF' trailer in HQ

Fiennes portrays Voldemort as realistic and frightening

'GoF' image of Ron and Padma at Yule Ball

New hi-res Dumbledore and Mad-Eye Moody

New character posters from 'GoF'

International poster for 'GoF' released

Hi-res images from trailer

'GoF' soundtrack available November 8

'Goblet of Fire' commercials begin airing in U.S.

Higher-res Japanese 'GoF' pictures

Download PSP 'GoF' preview

Newell sorry to see the Dursleys go

'Goblet of Fire' different according to Newell

More 'GoF' scans from Japan

New trio, Yule Ball & second task 'GoF' pictures

UK commercial footage of 'Goblet of Fire'

Katie Leung on hate mail, auditions and recognition

New 'GoF' TV footage in the UK

New pic of Harry and Hermione in 'GoF'

'Goblet of Fire' trailer in multiple formats

Hi-res 'Goblet of Fire' stills from USA Today

Special HP Fan Trips premiere event in NYC

New 'Goblet of Fire' footage in UK commercial

Full theatrical 'Goblet of Fire' trailer released

Katie Leung on BBC Radio 1

'Goblet of Fire' trailer to premiere on AOL Moviefone

New 'GoF' images

'Goblet of Fire' trailer preview

Doyle has finished recording the score for 'GoF'

Sykes speaks of Frank Bryce & Watson on being stereotyped

Hi-res images of Moody, Harry and QWC campsite

Two new 'GoF' character posters

Update: New 'Goblet of Fire' trailer coming this month

'Goblet of Fire' character posters sprouting up

Update: Hi-res behind-the-scenes pics from 'Goblet of Fire'

Katie Leung on being real

Two new 'Goblet of Fire' pictures

'Goblet of Fire' Lego sets now available

'GoF' video game news

New Potter merchandise on sale in China

Ralph Fiennes: 'I am Lord Voldemort'

'Harry Potter' and the guaranteed blockbusters

Transcript of Matt Lewis chat now available

'GoF' premiere dates confirmed

Felton speaks about fishing and 'Harry Potter'

'Goblet of Fire' international teaser officially released

Brief new scenes from 'Goblet of Fire'

Complete international 'GoF' teaser trailer

Doyle at the top of his game when working on Potter

New 'Goblet of Fire' pics including first of Draco

Fan interviews from 'Goblet' screening in Chicago

Frances de la Tour discusses 'Goblet of Fire'

New hi-res photo from 'Goblet of Fire'

'Goblet of Fire' teaser trailer shown on British TV

The Phelps twins speak of 'Goblet' and more

New footage from 'Goblet of Fire'

'Extra' airs new 'Goblet of Fire' footage

'Goblet of Fire' in fall preview from 'Entertainment Weekly'

New images of Tri-Wizard Cup and Rita Skeeter

First look at Frank Bryce from 'Goblet of Fire'

Higher quality Mad-Eye Moody from Scene-It

'Goblet of Fire' has PG-13 rating

Ralph Fiennes on Lord Voldemort and 'Order of the Phoenix'

Glaring mistake in 'Goblet of Fire' to be corrected

New 'Potter' merchandise now available

New report from 'Goblet of Fire' screening

Official release dates for 'Goblet of Fire'

'Goblet of Fire' article and hi-res picture

Additional 'Goblet of Fire' pictures

Hi-res images of the Weasleys' tent, Harry, Cedric and Viktor

Weasley tent image from 'GoF'

Images from 'Scene-It?' and 'GoF' sticker book

Hi-res version of new Cho picture from 'Goblet of Fire'

Video interview with video game producer of 'GoF'

Picture of Katie Leung as Cho from 'GoF'

New picture of trio from 'Goblet of Fire'

'Goblet of Fire' wows audience at Comic-Con

New clips from 'Goblet of Fire' video game

New interview with Tri-Wizard champions

Hi-res versions of 'Entertainment Weekly' images

New 'Goblet of Fire' images from 'Entertainment Weekly'

Official 'GoF' web site opens

New hi-res image from 'Goblet of Fire'

More news on 'Goblet of Fire' trailer at Comic-Con

Heyman on 'Goblet of Fire' and 'HBP'

Mike Newell briefly describes Voldemort in 'Goblet of Fire'

Preview of 'Goblet of Fire' web site

Newell says 'darker more serious for Harry' in 'GoF'

Image of 'Goblet of Fire' movie display at Comic-Con

'Goblet of Fire' is 'the best one'

'Potter' trio all grown up

Reviews from 'Goblet of Fire' screening in Chicago

'GoF' screening scheduled for Chicago this Saturday

New 'Goblet of Fire' image of Ron and Hermione

Ralph Fiennes featured in 'Entertainment Weekly'

Official 'GoF' web site available in multi-languages

Radcliffe still on board; Newell 'pleased' with 'Goblet of Fire'

New 'Goblet of Fire' picture features QWC campsite

Subscribe now to the 'Goblet of Fire' web site for updates

Ianevski and Pattinson chat about 'Goblet of Fire'

'GoF' trailer watch

Hi-res 'Goblet of Fire' teaser poster

Warwick Davis says: "Fourth one's gonna be great"

First official picture of Cho Chang released

New 'Goblet of Fire' books, images

New 'Goblet of Fire' report and interviews

Extended Daniel Radcliffe interview from MSN

New video from 'Goblet of Fire'

'Goblet of Fire' teaser trailer now available

Coverage of ABC's 'Goblet' special

'Goblet of Fire' web site now open

New 'Goblet of Fire' footage

Official 'Goblet of Fire' poster

Update: 'Goblet' trailer to be online over weekend

Raw behind-the-scenes 'Goblet' video

New hi-res pics from 'Goblet of Fire'

Behind-the-scenes footage from 'Fire'

USA Today's first look at 'Goblet of Fire'

Official site posts 'Goblet' commercial

'Goblet of Fire' to scorch the competition

'Goblet of Fire' trailer to be 1 minute 21 seconds

'Goblet of Fire' coming to an IMAX near you

Brief scenes from 'Goblet of Fire'

New 'Goblet of Fire' set report

Voldemort and Dumbledore action figures

Snippet on 'Goblet of Fire' fight sequence in Hogwarts

New 'Goblet of Fire' image from Noble Collection catalog

Teaser trailer for 'Goblet of Fire' in theaters May 13

'Goblet of Fire' and 'Harry Potter' calendars

First U.S. look at 'Goblet of Fire' in May

'Goblet of Fire' Quidditch World Cup report

'Goblet of Fire' videogame set for release in November

Article on Katie Leung and new picture

Super hi-res photos from 'Goblet of Fire'

Madame Maxime to be portrayed by a man. Really!

Official 'Potter' site posts 'Goblet of Fire' pics

New 'Goblet of Fire' pictures, sneak peek

Will 'Order of the Phoenix' be filmed in the Czech Republic?

New set report from 'Goblet of Fire'

Picture of 'Goblet of Fire' champions at NY toy fair

Watson and Isaacs discuss 'Goblet of Fire'

New promotional 'Goblet of Fire' poster

New pictures of Hungarian Horntail from 'Goblet of Fire'

Trimmed down version of 'Goblet of Fire' fine with Rowling

Images of puzzles and dragons from ‘Goblet of Fire’

'Goblet of Fire' soundtrack news

More information on 'Potter' game

New images and toys from 'Goblet of Fire'

Additional LEGO 'Goblet of Fire' images

'Goblet of Fire' still filming according to report

Heyman and Watson discuss 'Goblet of Fire'

Hi-res Harry with his golden egg

New photo from 'Goblet of Fire'

First look at 'Goblet of Fire' LEGO sets

David Heyman discusses The Weird Sisters from 'Goblet of Fire'

Rupert Grint gabs about life, new photos abound

'Goblet of Fire' an impressive new direction for 'Potter'

No Mrs. Weasley in 'Goblet of Fire'

First look at 2006 'Goblet of Fire' calendars

'Goblet of Fire' worth the wait

Yule Ball fourth movie's 'centerpiece'

'Goblet of Fire' trailer set for spring

Tom Felton nearly finished filming 'Goblet'

Waylett discusses films, directors and more

New 'Goblet of Fire' stills feature Harry, Hermione and Rita

Additional photos of second task from 'Goblet of Fire'

Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter in 'Goblet of Fire'

Huge hi-res 'Goblet of Fire' photos

First official 'Goblet of Fire' photos from WB

'Goblet of Fire' filming on break till the New Year

Harry Potter's 'Goblet of Fire' filming 75% complete

Additional report from ‘Prisoner’ DVD launch

Newell discusses the challenges of 'Harry Potter'

New 'Goblet of Fire' set report

Interview with TRL's 'Goblet of Fire' intern

Filming updates for ‘Goblet of Fire’

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