Daniel Goes Batting

  January 6, 2003 at 3:19 AM ET
      Muggle Pride Zone

iHarrypotter has found an internet scan article about Dan Radcliffe's vacation in Australia:&br;&br;While his English country men spent Christmas losing the Ashes, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe pictured left in Sydney yesterday, played backyard cricket in Melbourne.&br;&br;The 13-year-old movie star and his family flew quietly into Australia to spend Christmas in Melbourne. Radcliffe and his family stayed at Melbourne's famous Windsor Hotel, dining there on Christmas Day - much to the delight of fellow festive diiners.&br;&br;But he absolutely stunned a local family, who were seated next to him, when he agreed to come back to their house for a bout of backyard crickets. Yesterday, he arrived in Sydney to further enjoy his Aussie stay.&br;&br;Phew, that was hard typing out the article ;)

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