A Harry Cricket Christmas

  January 5, 2003 at 1:35 PM ET

We received this from reader Gizem, if anyone knows which newspaper this came from, please let us know so we may properly credit them. To view a scan of the article that was included, click here.

While this English countrymen spent Christmas losing the Ashes, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, pictured left in Sydney yesterday, played backyard cricket in Melbourne.

The 13-year-old movie star and his family flew quietly into Australia to spend Christmas in Malbourne. Radcliffe and his family stayed at Melbourne's famous Windsor Hotel, dining there on Christmas Day - much to the delight of fellow festive diners.

But he absolutely stunned a local family, who were seated next to him, when he agreed to come back to their house for about of backyard cricket. Yesterday he arrived in Sydney to further enjoy his Aussie stay.


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