Live with Dan Radcliffe?

  November 13, 2002 at 12:19 PM ET
      The Leaky Cauldron

Well, not really. One of our readers reported that she got into the studio at Live With Regis & Kelly today, but they'd taped Dan's interview last Friday, so although it aired today, he wasn't there.

Another reader managed to pull a short transcript together, though:
Regis: Do you have a girlfriend yet?
Daniel: Uh.. no. I wish.
Regis: Oh, like you didn't hear from any girls, eh?
Kelly: I bet they are -swarming-.
Regis: I bet you got alot of fan mail.
Daniel: Yeah, that's actually one of the amazing things. Like, cause on my birthday I got loads of presents.. but the effort is just unbelievable. It's really cool.
Kelly: (leaning forward) What about the cute little girl who plays Hermione Granger?
Regis: (also leaning forward) What about her, eh?
Daniel: (laughes)
Regis: Huh, Daniel? Come on, let's hear it. Come clean. You'd like to put the cloak on her too, I bet. (everyone laughing)
Daniel: (still laughing) No, we're just friends.
Regis: Yeah, sure.

Thanks, Kai and Kara, for the effort!

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