Potter Franchise in Trouble

  December 3, 2002 at 7:49 AM ET

The Telegraph has an article pondering the problems that lie ahead for the Potter movie-franchise. There is not much that we haven't read before, but it's a good read in any case.&br;&br;"Once upon a time there was a story that appeared to have been blessed by magic. All its owners needed to do was tell this story and they would find themselves with more money than they had ever hoped for.&br;&br;For Harry Potter has proved just as successful at conjuring up film audiences as he did readers. The first adaptation had made around £500 million at the box office, turning it into the second most successful film in history after Titanic, while the latest instalment took more than £55 million on its first weekend in America, the third biggest opening ever.&br;&br;But in the air-conditioned offices in Los Angeles that mark the personal kingdoms of the kings and queens of Hollywood who had turned the boy wizard into box-office gold, a new emotion has been swirling around: fear.&br;&br;Fear partly that the story may not be able to weave its magic a third, a fourth or even a fifth time. But also fear that if it does not, the decisions they make in the next few months will be responsible."&br;&br;A particularly funny quote:&br;&br;"'We're experimenting with cryogenic techniques to simply freeze the actors until we're ready to go again, but so far there's no scientific evidence that it's a workable plan.'"&br;&br;Telegraph.co.uk

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